[Hong Kong] L'altro - Special Dinner by Chef Philippe Léveillé

Rating: ❤❤❤❤

Chef Philippe Léveillé of the 2 Michelin star Miramonti L’altro in Italy is in Hong Kong and a special dinner by the Executive Chef is available for a limited time at L'altro only from January 26th to February 5th! I first visited L'altro at The L Place 2 years ago for lunch and was underwhelmed to be honest, but after trying the food prepared by Chef Philippe last night, I came away impressed with the creativity of the dishes and the way it was presented. The special 9 course dinner costs $1680 per person and offers an opportunity to try contemporary Italian cuisine with a French twist by a chef who has held 2 stars since 2001!

We started off our meal with flavorful bread and canapes which comprised of Grissini stuffed with mashed potatoes & chorizo and Cherry Tomato stuffed with ricotta cheese & olive.

The Cannolo with smoked ricotta cheese and marinated scampi with lime and yuzu vinaigrette was an impressive combination as the smokiness of the cheese was a surprise hit with the refreshing scampi.

The Bread, Butter and Anchovies was meant to be eaten by hand and even though I am usually not a fan of anchovies, the flavor of the fish was complemented perfectly by the creamy butter and the crispy toast.

The Olive Oil Poached Cod with cod milk and gazpacho sorbet was a dish brought over from the chef's restaurant in Italy! Parts of the fish were a bit chewy but the combination of the flavors was refreshing with the tartness from the sorbet and the crunchy texture from the fish skin.

The Hand Made Black Spaghetti "Splash" with roasted squid, burrata and mint-lemon oil came with tweezers as our dining utensil! Droplets filled with lemon and olive oil were squirted into the pasta first and while the spaghetti was a bit hard, the pieces of squid were cooked perfectly. 

The Roasted Venison Tenderloin with traditional balsamic vinegar had a hearty and gamey taste while the mashed potatoes made with the chef's family recipe was rich and creamy!

The Chocolate Cereal and Mascarpone "Cappuccino" with warm espresso emulsion was a delight to eat as we were instructed to use a spoon to scoop all the way to the bottom to get a bite of all the different layers of flavors and textures in this dessert.

The famous gelato "Miramonti L'altro" served with warm strawberries was fabulous as the gelato was super creamy and silky smooth! I've had this before with chocolate syrup and while both the chocolate and strawberry went well with the gelato, I thought that the strawberries allowed the gelato to shine a bit more.

Finally, we ended the night with some lovely regular and lemon madeleines in a Macallan whisky wooden box! 

*By Invitation

10/F, The L Place
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Tel: +852 2555 9100

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