[Hong Kong] Artisan Room - Coffee Oasis in Shek Tong Tsui

Thanks to a slew of new hipster cafes opened in this area like Teakha II and LIFETASTIC, I've come to discover Shek Tong Tsui - a quiet little neighborhood sandwiched between Sai Ying Pun and Kennedy Town. This time, I was here for Artisan Room which strives to encourage its customers to disconnect from technology and connect with each other instead with a large communal marble table inside and comfy sofa seats surrounded by greenery in the spacious outdoor patio. 

The first thing you will notice inside the cafe is the massive Gothicism slow-drip cold brewer from South Korea's Dutch Lab which is literally a piece of art itself with its intricate and ornate designs. The cafe is also the only one in Hong Kong which uses coffee beans from Costadoro - an Italian brand founded in 1890 that is known for its slow-roasting of coffee beans at low temperatures and air-cooling the roasted beans to minimize the moisture.

I was recommended to try this Macchiato Latte ($40) with almond milk where the espresso and the milk was served separately on a customized copper plate. I took a sip of each before pouring the espresso into the almond milk which turned out to be a heavenly combination with its sweet and nutty flavors.

Besides coffee, the cafe has also partnered up with S'il Vous Plait to offer its sweet and savory eclairs which I had been dying to try! There were about 4-5 different sweet eclairs to choose from and I ended up trying the gorgeous purple colored Sweet Potato and exotic Chili Chocolate. The sweet potato was a bit mild in flavor while the chili chocolate was seriously spicy - I'd probably prefer the spiciness to be more toned down but I applaud its bold flavors. I really want to try the Banoffee flavor too which was sold out when I was here.

Verdict - I love the environment at Artisan Room (especially the outdoor patio area) which offers an oasis from the hustle of the city with a diverse offering of coffee and non-coffee drinks such as tea, beer, Italian soda and juice. I'd have to come back again to try its cold brewed coffee and savory eclairs! 

*By Invitation

Artisan Room
8-12 South Lane, Shek Tong Tsui
Tel: +852 2656 3198

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  1. I really wanted to try the chili chocolate cause I was told that it was the best out of all!
    But I had the banoffee and sweet potato eclairs which are not disappointing too :)

    1. The chili chocolate was certainly interesting! Try next time :)


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