[Hong Kong] Viet Kitchen x Shiki Zen Collaboration Menu

For the entire month of March, Viet Kitchen will be collaborating with Shiki Zen to bring us a culinary journey from Tokyo to Saigon! I've been to Shiki Zen before and I was impressed with its thick and chewy Sanuki udon so I was excited to see their special creations with Viet Kitchen which is helmed by Chef Peter Cuong Franklin. I got to try all of the special items on the collaboration menu which can be ordered at both restaurants!

First things first, drinks! The Dirty Saketini ($98) with sake, gin, salted lemon, yuzu and kaffir lime was strong with an interesting salty aftertaste. They do ask you if you want your drink to be lighter or stronger but it was still a bit strong for me even though I went for the former. I'm more of a fruity cocktail kind of gal but may be more suitable if you are a "shaken, not stirred" kind of drinker. 

We tried two udon noodle soup that night with the first being the Hanoi Style Chicken Udon ($138) with homemade udon, pho chicken broth, poached chicken, bean sprouts, leek, mint, coriander, yuzu and kaffir lime. I loved the rich and flavorful chicken broth which was really hearty to drink and went very well with the udon. 

The second bowl we tried was the Saigon Style Beef Udon ($168) with homemade udon, pho beef broth, A5 Wagyu beef, onsen egg, bean sprouts, leek, shiso and basil. I'm usually more of a beef person but while I enjoyed the piece of luscious Wagyu beef, I thought that the chicken udon was the better of the two for me. 

The A5 Wagyu Beef Carpaccio ($168) with A5 Wagyu beef, shallots oil sauce, basil, shiso, lemongrass, peanuts, egg and sesame rice crackers was certainly tempting but I thought it needed a bit more seasoning to cut into the fattiness of the Wagyu beef. 

Even though the picture doesn't do it justice, the Caramel Miso Black Cod ($198) with caramel fish sauce, miso, garlic, shallots, ginger and steamed rice turned out to be my favorite dish of the night! Not only was the cod flaky soft but the caramel fish sauce was just simply irresistible with a bowl of rice. 

Lastly, our sweet ending of the night was this intriguing Banana Nutella Gyoza ($68) with peanuts, caramel condensed milk and strawberry sauce. It's a bold idea to try to turn gyoza into dessert and I think it could work but the dumpling skin just needed to be a bit thinner and more Nutella filling please!

*By Invitation

Viet Kitchen & Bar
41 Connaught Road, Central
Tel: +852 2806 2068

Shiki Zen 四季禅
29/F, Soundview Plaza 2 - Midtown
1-29 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay
Tel: +852 2970 3218

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