[Hong Kong] Ham & Sherry - New Spanish Weekend Brunch

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It's surprising how quiet Ship Street is during the day versus at night but the new free-flow weekend brunch at Ham & Sherry may give you a good reason to visit on the weekends. From the same team that brought us 22 Ships, Ham & Sherry has been a bustling spot to visit at night for its Spanish tapas and the largest sherry collection in Asia. With the launch of the weekend brunch, there's no reason it shouldn't be popular with the daytime crowd as well with free-flow drinks and classic Spanish tapas including a selection of delicious egg dishes!

Just like 22 Ships, diners can sit at the counter here but we sat at one of the tables by the window instead for some people watching. 

The weekend brunch menu contains a concise selection of eggs, fish, para picar, meat and dessert dishes to choose from. Since everything was tapas-sized, we were recommended to start with four dishes first between the two of us and to order more as we eat.

The free-flow options include Estrella Galicia and Cava at $168 per person for 3 hours from 12-3pm. We both went for the Cava and I thoroughly enjoyed sipping on my bubbles which were kept filled during our brunch!

The Jamon Croquettas ($58) were deliciously crispy but I would have liked more Jamon in the croquettes as the flavors could have been more prominent. 

The Fried Duck Egg ($78) with morcilla and asparagus was delightfully flavorful - #eggporn has never looked so beautiful. 

The Scallop Ceviche ($148) with lime and avocado pleasantly surprised me with the freshness and sweetness of the scallops. 

Scotch Eggs ($88) with chorizo and piquillo pepper - another homerun #eggporn dish. 

The Pan con Anchovies ($58) was probably my least favorite as the anchovies were too salty while too much olive oil had been slathered on the bread. 

The Iberico Pork & Chorizo Burgers ($168) with black garlic and pickles packed quite a bite for its size and I especially enjoyed the acidic pickles on the side. 

While I enjoyed the bravas sauce and Manchego cheese, the Meatballs ($128) were a bit dense and lean for my taste. 

The sweet and savory flavors of the Jamon, tetilla toastie, truffle honey ($88) were super enticing and addictive - definitely one of my favorite dishes on the brunch menu!

We ended up ordering both desserts on the menu and while the Churros with chocolate sauce ($58) was tasty, the crown went to the Creme Catalan ($58) which was so good, I had to order another one after J took more than half of the first one we ordered!

*By Invitation

Ham & Sherry

1-7 Ship Street, Wan Chai
Tel: +852 2555 0628

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