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If you think that pineapple cake is the only souvenir option in Taiwan, perhaps you can consider honey produce made with Taiwanese honey next time! During my trip to Taipei, I attended a workshop at Ms. Gardener to learn more about its homemade honey products that are all made with locally grown honey in Taiwan. Opened in 2016, Ms. Gardener is a small locally-owned shop that specializes in natural honey products including Taiwan Honey, Honey Cookies, Honey Lip Balm and Honey Soap. What's even better is that they also deliver to Hong Kong so you can enjoy a slice of Taiwan without flying there!

The shop basically uses 3 types of honey - Longan HoneyBai Qian Ceng Honey and Wu Jiu Honey - where each has its own characteristics and benefits. Longan is from Kaohsiung and has a more fruity taste, Bai Qian Ceng is high in sugar content and great for moisturizing the skin, and Wu Jiu's flavor is more neutral and thus perfect for making cookies. 

Here's all of its products at a glance! The shop sells pure Longan honey in a jar, lip balm and soap with the 3 types of honey and 4 cookie flavors:
- Chocolate & Pepper: the most interesting combination which surprisingly works. The peppercorn is not overwhelming and you get a nice tingling aftertaste.
- Pineapple & Earl Grey: an interesting twist on Taiwanese pineapple cake, although I hear it will be switched to lemon & earl grey soon because it's not pineapple season anymore.
- Nougat Cookie: a classic nougat made with longan honey which is not sticky at all.
- Crispy Honey Cookie: wrapped in crispy cornflakes with raisins which had been soaked in Kavalan whisky, this is a cookie that you can eat as is or break it apart to mix with yogurt. 

You can buy the cookies in quantities of 16 or 32 and can buy the assorted pack if you can't decide on which flavor.

Lip balm and soap made with the 3 different types of honey

The jars of longan honey can be bought in singles or doubles.

Besides honey products, you can also enjoy drinks and honey pastries at the shop!

There's a quaint little area by the front of the shop where you can sit comfortably to enjoy your afternoon tea. 

Don't miss this super delicious Vanilla Mille-feuille with Honey - it's only available on weekends!

After our short tour around the shop, it was time for a demonstration by pastry chef Olivia who showed us how she makes her Chocolate & Pepper cookies. She also showed us how to assemble the mille-feuille and we got to make one ourselves too!

Here's Olivia sprinkling the peppercorn powder on top of the cookies.

Ready to go into the oven!

Here's my mille-feuille where we were told to drizzle some longan honey on top to bring out even more flavors - so good!

Thank you Ms. Gardener for a wonderful afternoon and I can't wait to enjoy your products!

*By Invitation

Ms. Gardener 
No. 9, Alley 52, Lane 553, Section 4, Zhong Xiao East Road, Xinyi, Taipei, Taiwan
Tel: +886 2 27668082

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