[Macau] Mizumi 泓 at Wynn Palace

Another restaurant we got to try during our stay at Wynn Palace was the Japanese restaurant Mizumi. There are actually two Mizumi - the 2* restaurant at Wynn Macau and the new one at Wynn Palace which is manned by Chef Min Kim who had trained at renowned restaurants Narisawa and Ryugin in Tokyo. Similar to the one at Wynn Macau, Mizumi focuses on three Japanese cuisines - sushi, tempura and teppanyaki. Diners can choose one or have a mix of everything, and for our dinner we go to try the new Spring Kaiseki menu complete with wine and sake pairing. What's impressive about this restaurant is that it spares no expense when it comes to ingredients, and for almost every course we were presented with the soul behind the dish - either a box full of premium vegetables, a whole lobster and even a birth certificate for the beef we were having (just like at Shima in Tokyo!) 

Seasonal Introduction - Simmered Baby Octopus from Okayama with White Asparagus from Hokkaido

Appetizer - Taste of Authentic Sushi with the Seasonality

Soup - Aroma of the "Ichiban-dashi" with Dried Bonito Flakes from Shizuoka and Orient Clams from Toyama

Sashimi - Flavor of the Ocean with Seasonal Seafood Flown from Coasts of Japan

Agemono - Luxurious Spiny Lobster from Ise Island

Nimono- Seasonal Shellfish Shabu-Shabu with Heart Clam from Shizuoka and Pen Shell & Surf Clam from Hokkaido

Charcoal Binchotan Grill - Vigorous Aroma of Charcoal with Kinki Fish from Hokkaido and Bamboo Shoot from Kyoto

Shime Finale - Spring Snapper Sashimi on Japanese Steamed Rice Served with Sakura Tea and Assorted Pickles

Japanese Sweets - Mizumi Purin with Black Sugar from Okinawa

The chef also sent us an extra treat so we ended our meal aptly with a seasonal sakura dessert - to match with the cherry blossom tree in the middle of the restaurant perhaps?

*By Invitation

Mizumi 泓
Wynn Palace, Av. da Nave Desportiva, Macau
Tel: +853 8889 3663


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