[Bangkok] 1* Haoma by Deepanker Khosla

Rating: 4.5/5

One of the best meals I had on my recent Thailand trip was at 1* Haoma by Chef Deepanker Khosla - an urban farm restaurant serving Neo-Indian cuisine in Bangkok! Upon arrival, we were taken on a tour of the aquaponics system in the backyard which collects rainwater to grow fish - which in turn enriches the water that is then used to grow plants and herbs for use at the restaurant. Haoma was recently awarded 1 Michelin Star and 1 Michelin Green Star - a testament to their cooking and sustainability efforts!

The current tasting menu is “Heritage | Culture | Roots” which takes diners on a gastronomic journey through the many different regions in India. Each dish was presented with a postcard of the chef’s memories in India. The food was impressive with creative and precise flavors while the wine pairing was excellent as well - it’s definitely not to be missed in Bangkok!

Our 10-course menu actually started at the end of the garden tour where we were shown a box of ingredients for our meal, and had our first appetizer which utilized the fish grown in the aquaponics.

Then we headed into the restaurant to formally start the meal with:

PRARAMBHA with Pani Puri, Vada Pav and Dahi Ke Kebab

CHEESE SANDOZ with Paneer, Yam Pate and Cumin

BENARAS KI CHAAT with Namapare, Chiang Mai Tomatoes and Chili Cracker

LOBSTER GHEE ROAST with Mangalore Chili, Curry Leaves, Neer Dosa Crisp and Gunpowder Idli

SILK & CHICKEN with Haoma Farm Chicken, Coorgi Curry and Coconut

TANDOORI MELON with Caviar, Burnt Feta and Citrus Sorbet

PRAWNS ON THE ROCKS with Prawn Head, Mint and Peanut Relish

ALLAHABADI DAWAT with Nihari Dip, Haleem and Mughal Breads

PASSION & LENTIL CAVIAR with Citrus Fruits, Lentils and Silver

MELODY with Cashew-Nut Nougat, Dried Mousse and Sea Salt Ice Cream

231, 3 Soi Sukhumvit 31, Khlong Toei Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Tel: +66 92 891 8222


  1. I just read your review of Haoma in Bangkok and found it fascinating! The way you described the aquaponics system and the sustainable approach was commendable. I'm particularly curious about the sweet dish "Dried Mousse" – they must have been a delight! Thank you for sharing this gem. Keep up the great work with your reviews.


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