Kam Kee Seafood Restaurant 金記海鮮飯店


One of my qualms about eating seafood in Sai Kung or anything where else in HK for that matter is being ripped off and being served bad seafood. Sai Kung is a pretty touristy place so there's a few big establishments around that charges pretty high prices - just because they can. Kam Kee is one of those small local restaurants that offers great value for the best seafood you can get in SK. 

First, if you did not bring your own seafood, they will take you to their affiliated shop in the wet market building just down the street so you can pick your own. For our dinner between the 2 of us, we picked 2 abalone, 1 crab, 6 shrimps, and 4 razor clams. It's nice to be able to pick out exactly what we want and know the prices of the raw ingredient. You pay at the end of the meal along with everything else.

Back inside the restaurant, we were seated on the second floor in the back corner. Now this is a cheap, no frills restaurant so don't expect a nice dinner setting. The "napkins" are toilet paper served in a round plastic container. Enough said. 

Once seated, they will know what you ordered at the wet market so they will ask or suggest how best to cook the seafood. You can also ordered other non-seafood dishes like veggies, sweet and sour pork, fried calamari, etc.

The calamari is a dish I would recommend getting here. It's fried perfectly without being too oily and the batter is not too thick so you can still taste the texture of the squid. The vinegar dipping sauce that is served along with the dish goes perfectly with the calamari as it offsets the oilyness of the fried batter.

Next, our seafood started to come. Our abalone is steamed with dried fruit peel and doused in sweet soy sauce. The abalone is steamed perfectly as it is easy to chew and the sauce does not overcome the original freshness of the abalone.
These shrimps looked quite pretty at the market, so we got them and they suggest that we cooked them with soy sauce. I was surprise when this dish came that the shrimps were actual'y fried first and then sauteed with soy sauce, which made the shrimp full of flavor! I was fully expecting just some plain shrimp with soy sauce dipping sauce. The skin is easy to pull off now that it is fried and can actually be eaten if you want since it's covered in sauce. The shrimp itself is cooked just right as it can be easy to overcook esp if you are frying and cooking again. This is my favorite dish of the night.
Our razor clams were cooked with black bean sauce. The razor clams must be in season as each clam had a lot of meat. The clams were steamed perfectly again and the sauce was great in taste. Another successful dish.
The only disappointment of the night was the crab. We had come here before and last time we had gotten a bigger crab and it was suggested to us to bake it. I loved the dish last time so I was really looking forward to it. We got a smaller crab since it was just the two of us, but maybe that's where it went wrong. For some reason, the crab we got this time was not that flavorful and the meat was not as sweet. I'm not sure if it's the crab or the cooking that went wrong.
Verdict - this place really knows how to cook seafood so if you're looking for a cheap and good value place for some fresh and delicious seafood, then look no further! Not recommended if you're looking to impress your guests though.

Kam Kee Seafood Restaurant
G/F., 106 Man Nin Street, Sai Kung,Sai Kung 

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