Se Wong Yee 蛇王二 - Snake King?


When the weather is cold, it's time for some snake soup to warm up your body! I've noticed this restaurant many times in CWB as their big sign is rather prominent in red and yellow. Because of their big sign, I've always thought the restaurant was bigger too for some reason but in reality the shop was not that big and we had to wait in line at 7:30pm. The queue to get in was a mess because no one formed a line! The staff did not give us a number and just told us to line up, but there was no line as everyone just crowded by the door to get in. What a mess!

Once inside, I noticed that the tables were placed really close to each other with plastic stools as chairs. The inside was old and dilapidated with worn-out tiles and lighting. It was cramped to sit here and not a pleasant dining experience at all.

From the menus, Se Wong Yee seems to be known for Chinese BBQ items and Chinese soup, in addition to snake soup. But I'm here to try their snake soup. They had a Snake Soup set menu in which you get a bowl of snake soup, glutinous rice with preserved meat and a plate of lettuce for $92, which was perfect for me since I love glutinous rice!

Snake Soup Set Menu ($92):
Glutinous Rice with Preserved Meat - one word: horrible! The rice was stale and limp with no flavor at all. It was also not fragrant. The preserved meat was also pitifully little and thin. I could barely find any preserved pork belly or Chinese sausage in the rice - only some peanuts. This rice sells for $36 as a standalone dish which is even more expensive than Keung Kee's in Wan Chai. In comparison, the glutinous rice at Keung Kee is a whole lot better and cheaper at only $30. 

Lettuce - simply blanched with oyster sauce on top. Nothing special. 

Snake Soup - the trademark of the snake soup here is the inclusion of chrysanthemum in the soup. I'm usually not a big fan of snake soup but the flavor of the chrysanthemum was admittedly a nice enhancement as it made the entire broth lighter to enjoy. Too bad it wasn't hot enough so it was hard to finish the entire bowl. Compared to 蛇王芬 in Central, the snake soup here was not as rich or flavorful to satisfyingly warm up your body for the cold weather. 
Verdict - the food here was not impressive and pricey for what it is. The seating was cramped and the service was pretty horrible too. It's also not a place where I would take visitors to enjoy snake soup. For that, I think 蛇王芬 in Central is a more impressive restaurant with better food, decor and service. 

Se Wong Yee
24 Percival Street, Causeway Bay 
2831 0163/2832 2977