Under Bridge Spicy Crab 橋底辣蟹

Rating: ❤1/2

Whenever I pass by Lockhart Road, I always get hungry for crab because there are multiple restaurants specializing in spicy crabs on this one street! I've always wanted to try this restaurant but was afraid it has become more of a tourist trap since it is so popular nowadays. Some of my friends were organizing a dinner here last week so I finally got to try! We had reservations and the 9 of us were promptly seated on the first floor. The decor was very traditional Chinese and the ambiance was noisy and bustling. We quickly studied the menu to decide what to order. 

For the Famous Under Bridge Spicy Crab, you have to first choose a size and then the flavor. The waitress informed us that there are many different sizes, starting from the smallest crab costs $480 (yikes!) to over $1000+. She originally suggested that we order at least the $780 for the 9 of us, but we decided to just get the second size up which costs $580 since we were going to get 2 crabs with different flavors. The rest of the menu consisted of other seafood, meat and veggies, from which we ordered a mix of to round up the rest of the meal. 

Conch in Peppery Hot Tipple ($68) - I read that this was highly recommended on OR which was why we ordered this dish, but this turned out to be very underwhelming. The conchs were tiny so there were barely any meat to eat. They are supposed to be spicy and cooked with wine, but they were not spicy at all and we could not detect any hint of alcohol. We ended up leaving a bunch uneaten. Very disappointing. 
Famous Under Bridge Spicy Crab ($580) - The star we were all waiting for! The crab arrived under a mountain of fried garlic. The smell of the garlic was heavenly and appetizing. The crab itself was big and the meat was sweet and juicy. We had chosen Medium Spicy since a few of us can eat quite spicy and I found that it was just right for my taste. The spiciness was enough to excite my palate but not overwhelm the taste of the crab itself. The fried garlic was really good as well and we all couldn't help but pile them onto our plates! Yum! 

Deep Fried Crab with Duck's Egg ($580) - This crab was cooked differently from the previous dish as it was coated with duck egg which was slightly salty. You can customize the spiciness for this dish as well so we had only ordered Slightly Spicy so as not to take away from the taste of the duck egg. This crab was big and meaty as well, and the taste of the duck egg with the crab was even better than the Spicy Crab as it added another dimension of flavor in addition to spicy! Double yum! 

Steamed Scallops with Garlic and Vermicelli ($48 each) - This is usually my favorite dish to order at a seafood restaurant! The scallops we got were huge and covered with sweet soy sauce, garlic, chili, and vermicelli. The taste of the scallop was naturally sweet, and was enhanced by the sweet soy sauce and garlic. The vermicelli had soaked up the sweet soy sauce and was yummy to eat as well. This did not disappoint!

Sauteed Shrimps in Maggi Sauce ($138) - This has become my favorite way to eat shrimp, ever since I've had really good ones at Kam Kee in Sai Kung. The flavors here are comparable but the skin of the shrimps was not as crunchy as you can usually eat the skin as well if cooked this way. The other issue I have is that this dish was pretty pricey for the amount of shrimp we got. I think it only cost half as much in Sai Kung for the same amount of seafood.

Typhoon Shelter BB Ribs ($68) - nothing BB about these ribs! They were huge - way bigger than your normal chicken drumstick. Even though this was also cooked Typhoon Shelter style like the crab, the fried garlic was only added for show and the meat was tasteless. It was so bland that we got confused as to what kind of meat it was - pork, beef or lamb? We thought it was pork. 

Steamed Tofu with Shrimp ($78) - obviously overcooked. The tofu used was not the usual soft tofu but the egg tofu. The shrimp was tough and the tofu was hard. Not good at all. Would not recommend.

Verdict - I was most impressed with the crab dishes here - not so much with the other seafood or meat dishes. I would recommend taking visitors here for the wow factor of the crab - otherwise I would prefer eating elsewhere for a better bang of my buck. 

Under Bridge Spicy Crab
G/F-3/F, Ascot Mansion, 421-425 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai 
2834 6268

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