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Rating: ❤❤❤❤

Flint Grill & Bar is a hip and trendy restaurant located in the JW Marriott in Admiralty. We were meeting up with a friend for dinner and she had recommended this restaurant. The restaurant was huge as we had to walk past a bar area first before meandering through a labyrinth of tables to get to the main dining area. The decor was very upscale and modern while the ambiance was bustling and lively.

As suggested by the name of the restaurant, the menu contained items from the grill as well as seafood and classics like burgers. Between the 3 of us, we opted to share 2 appetizers and order a main course each. 

Flint seemed to be pretty popular for drinks so I decided to try their cocktails as well. After perusing the cocktails menu, the Snowy Rose ($120) appealed to me with its rum, lychee and peach mixtures. Not only was the drink exquisite to drink, I love the rose buds floating on top as the delicate smell of roses wafted to my nose every time I took a sip!
Although the bread was warm, it was just average and not worth wasting calories for.

The burrata ($160) came with heirloom tomatoes and wild arugula. I had the exact the same dish at Blue Butcher recently, and the burrata here was just average in comparison as the cheese was rather liquid and bland. The tomatoes weren't as sweet and ripe either. [3/5]
The steak tartar ($160) fared better than the burrata as the flavors were more zesty with a spicy kick which unfortunately also meant that it masked the raw flavor of fresh beef. Nonetheless it was still appetizing to eat. [3.5/5]
Our mains came out next. J's seafood tagliatelle ($300) was impressive and flavorful with quality and fresh seafood like scallops, shrimps, and squid. The only gripe with this dish was probably the steep price tag. [4/5]
Our friend had recommended the Iberico pork burger ($190), and that was what I chose! The burger had two kinds of pork inside - smoked pulled pork and ground pork patty. Laced with spicy chipotle sauce, the burger was succulent and scrumptious to eat. The sides of apple compote and house fries were equally yummy! [4.5/5]

We were already stuffed after finishing our mains but couldn't resist ordering one dessert to share after taking a look at the menu, especially since they had the baked alaska! It just reminded me of Seattle since that was where I had first tried that dessert. 
The baked alaska ($80) looked so cute with its irregular meringue spikes! I was hoping they would torch the meringue at our table as that was how it was served the first time I had it in Seattle, but no luck. As we cracked the outer layer of meringue, the colorful contents of the mango custard and raspberry sorbet was a delight to see. The sweetness of the meringue was perfectly balanced by the richness of the custard and the tartness of the sorbet. [5/5]

Verdict - in retrospect, we probably made the mistake of ordering too much food as the portions were actually pretty decent. Overall, the food was pretty good but the prices were a bit on the high side for the type of food we had. Thus, I think Flint is more suited for celebrations and special occasions than a casual night out.  

Flint Grill & Bar
Level 5, JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty 
2810 8366

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