Kamitora Ramen 神虎拉麵 | Hong Kong

Rating: ❤❤❤❤

With so many Japanese ramen shops opening in HK nowadays, even a ramen junkie like me haven't been able to try them all before another one pops up. This time, I went to Kamitora Ramen in Wan Chai which is a branch of a ramen shop in Osaka. Located on Amoy Street, it was easy to find since it was actually right next to my favorite Thai restaurant! There was a short line when I got there even in the drizzling rain, which actually made it the perfect climate to have a bowl of hot soupy ramen. 

The restaurant was small with counter seats along its open kitchen as well as several tables for larger parties. I sat along the counter where an ordering sheet had been placed in front of my seat already. 
There was a menu with detailed descriptions of the 5 types of ramen they offer. They are known for their specialty soup which is prepared with pork bones, seafood, and fresh vegetables for over 12 hours. Since it was my first time here, I went with the standard Kamitora.
The ordering form was similar to other ramen restaurants where you circle your choices. You can customize your noodles, soup, and toppings. I made the mistake of ordering the half boiled egg without realizing that it was already included in the ramen. Luckily, the staff informed me of that fact when he collected my form.
Drinks were self service here with a pitcher of cold water, cups, utensils, and condiments in front of me on the counter.
More condiments like picked ginger and pickled takana were available as well. 
My ramen was ready shortly afrer my order and was handed to me directly from the ramen chef over the counter. 
I made sure to taste the broth first before mixing in the spicy miso paste. The broth was amazingly gratifying with rich flavors of pork bones, seafood and vegetables. The seafood and vegetables definitely provided an extra zing over the flavors of regular tonkotsu broth. Even though bits of fat floated on top of the broth, it was not oily or fatty at all. The spicy miso paste was not all that spicy though as it did nothing to enhance the soup. 
There was only one piece of char siu in my ramen along with chunks of char siu bits. Even though it looked quite lean, it was surprisingly tender and soft to eat.
I had chosen the thicker noodles with medium hardness. While I like the thickness, the noodles could have used more texture. Maybe I should choose hard next time instead.
Lastly, the half-boiled egg was cooked perfectly with a gorgeous center of runny yolk. Simply heavenly to eat!
Verdict - the quality of ramen was high at Kamitora while the value for money was great too as many ramen shops charge extra for half-boiled egg. This place is definitely on my list of favorite ramen shops in HK along with Butao and Ichiran. Next time, I would love to try the Red Tora with the super spicy broth!

Kamitora Ramen
23 Amoy Street, Wan Chai
2808 0635

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