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Rating: ❤❤❤❤

Having been to Madam Sixty Ate for dinner before, I was impressed with the food at the time so I've been wanting to go back. Just so happens that Restaurant Week was happening so I decided to stop by for lunch. Located in Wan Chai, the elavator entrance was easy to find on Ship Street where other hip restaurants reside such as 22 Ships, Ham & Sherry, Akrame, etc.

The decor at the restaurant was casual and whimsical with paintings of food ingredients like pigs, fishes, and rabbit hanging on the walls. The restaurant was airy and spacious with a separate patio and bar area along with an open kitchen design. I love the long sofa with the colorful cushions which makes the restaurant seem even more cozy and homely. 
The lunch set for Restaurant Week costs $248 for 3 courses which was slightly pricier than their regular weekly lunch set. 
After ordering, two pieces of sour dough bread was served first along with smoked butter. I couldn't really taste the smokiness in the butter, but appreciated the piping hot bread which made it easy to spread the butter. The sour dough was a bit dense while the crunchy crust was enjoyable to eat. 
Jerusalem Artichoke Soup, Soft Egg, Duck, Artichoke Granola (5/5) - the soup was poured into the dish on the spot. I'm not a big fan of artichoke in the first place, but the artichoke soup here was amazing with its rich flavor and creamy texture. The egg was soft with a liquid center while the duck was slightly salty with a stringy texture. The artichoke granola on the bottom was a nice surprise as it provided a contrasting texture with its crunchiness.

Smoked Tuna, Pickled Radish Crunch, Black Garlic Gel (3.5/5) - the presentation of the pink tuna was gorgeous on the charcoal grey plate. The flavors of the smoked tuna were a bit bland though even with the sides of radish slices and garlic sauce.
Main Course:
Barramundi, Smoked Parsnip, Chanterelle Mushrooms, Chardonnay Vanilla Cream (4/5) - the fish was cooked perfectly with a layer of crispy skin and flaky flesh on the inside. The seasoning was slightly heavy handed as it was a tad too salty but overall the flavors were pretty good. The chardonnay vanilla cream was a delight as it was a creative combo which complimented the dish very well. 

Duck Cassoulet: Duck Breast, Confit'd Duck Leg, Duck Ham, White Beans and Madeira Thyme Jus (5/5) - I love the crispy skin on the duck breast while the meat was perfectly tender! The thyme jus was a bit rich by itself but actually enhanced the flavors of the duck in a wonderful way. 
Almond Creme Brulee, Raspberry Sorbet, Chocolate Glass (4/5) - the presentation of the creme brulee was very creative and visually delightful! The flavors could have been richer though while the texture was a bit too firm.

Poached Lychee, Passion Fruit Marshmallow, Ginger Beer Sherbet (5/5) - I love this dessert! The combination was unique while the flavors were creative and quirky. The poached lychee was soft and sweet while the burnt marshmallow was creamy with rich passion fruit flavors. The ginger beer sherbet was interesting as well but I found the ginger to be a bit spicy for my taste. 
Verdict - the food at Madam Sixty Ate was delicious with creative flavors and visually appealing presentations. The value was pretty good as well for the quality of the food. The service was impeccable as the staff readily accommodated us as we were in a hurry. She stopped by our table from time to time and checked with us when we were ready for the next course. The GM was very friendly as well as he went around to all the tables to check in with the guests and readily answered any questions we had on the menu. I would love to grab drinks on their outdoor patio next time!

Madam Sixty Ate
Shop 8, 1/F The Podium, J.Senses, 60 Johnston Road, Wan Chai
2527 2558

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