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Rating: ❤❤❤1/2

Fittingly named and easy on the eyes, Fresh Modern Kitchen is a new restaurant in SoHo eager to share its new take on Western dishes with all of Hong Kong! The space was large and spacious with a full bar taking on center stage, alluding to its specialty on cocktails which goes hand in hand with its fusion tapas - perfect for happy hour and sharing with friends. I love how parts of the walls open up into the streets below which creates an even more airy and open space. Thank you to the restaurant and PR for inviting me to sample dishes across their menu from starters, pastas and mains. 

We started off the nights with some of their signature cocktails from left to right: Cube Old Fashion with whisky & rum, Strawberry Basil Fizz with gin and Victoria's Secret which is a mocktail! All of their cocktails sounded pretty interesting on the menu and tasted great (and most importantly - strong in alcohol too!).

I couldn't resist trying another one midway through the meal - Kaffir Lime Collin! So refreshing!

Grilled French Quail ($110) - served with pickled radish and honey. I was pleasantly surprised with the tart and sweet flavors of the quail from the lemon honey marinade which made this usually dainty ingredient quite refreshing as a snack! [4/5]

Peking Duck Croissant ($120) - with leek and baby cucumber. Honestly I didn't think it would work at first but it actually does! The croissant was flaky and soft while the duck was crispy and juicy. An innovative combo that is a must-try! [4.5/5]

Manchego and Iberico Toasties ($156) - with black truffle pate. It reminds me of my favorite bikini sandwich at Catalunya (though the ones there are too cheesy now due to cost cutting). With layers of Manchego,cheese, Iberico ham and truffle pate between crispy toasts, these toasties were very fragrant and scrumptious to eat! [5/5]

US Beef Carpaccio ($153) - served with aged Parmesan, baby greens and extra olive oil. The beef carpaccio was fresha and flavorful while perfectly enhanced by the toppings especially the Parmesan! [4/5]

Mushroom Risotto ($190) - with Porcini mushroom, wild mushroom, cream sauce and mix salad roll. Compared to the impressive starters, the pastas were a bit unexciting. The risotto was cooked nicely but the flavors were a little bit dull for me. [3.5/5]

Penne Pasta with Alaska King Crab ($210) - with grilled Portobello mushroom and saffron sauce. The Alaska King crab definitely stole the show here and I love eating the big chunky pieces of crab while the penne was more of an afterthought. [3.8/5]

Salt-Baked Whole Sea Bass ($320) - with fresh dill, lemon, fennel and ginger. To be honest, I've never had a good experience with salt-baked fish (not even in Europe) as they tend to be very light in flavor which has a tendency to underwhelm. Unfortunately the fish here fell into the same problem as there wasn't a whole lot of flavor plus the top part of it was overcooked while the bottom layer was more moist. [3/5]

US Prime Grade Rib Eye Steak ($800 for 16 oz/$1200 for 24 oz) - our finale of the night and it did not disappoint! Cooked medium rare, the steak was very juicy and tender even after it got cold because we took a long time taking pictures of it. Also comes with mashed potatoes and jus. [4.3/5]

Verdict - the starters left more of an impression compared to the other dishes we tried that night. I would definitely go back for the drinks and fusion tapas!

Fresh Modern Kitchen
56-58 Hollywood Road, Central
Tel: 2771 1328

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