Pololi - A Taste of Hawaii in Hong Kong

Rating: ❤❤❤❤

I love Hawaii (so much that I got married there!) and one of the things I miss the most is poke which is a raw tuna sashimi salad that is very popular with the locals there, so I was ecstatic when I discovered Pololi. They seemed to have imported the whole Hawaiian experience over with poke, spam musubi and even Kona beer! The shop is mainly for takeaways with a big counter which displays their many different kinds of poke and a few seats by the wall so best to take away unless you're lucky enough to score a seat.

For HK$90, you can pick rice, salad or both as your base and then choose from a variety of poke with classic dressings like ginger shoyu, spicy mayo, wasabi mayo and more creative takes like HK style and Thai style ahi. The staff is very helpful and will let you try everything first if you want especially if it is your time there. I think I got to try almost everything!

A very typical sign you will see in Hawaii...

I ended up choosing the spicy mayo and Korean tako over half and half and it was a solid bowl of poke! To be honest, it's no Ono Seafood (which is the best poke shop in Honolulu) and I think the biggest difference between the poke here and Hawaii is the quality of the fish, but this is probably the best (and only) place for poke in HK at the moment!

For the base, I also wish that the shop can offer brown rice in the future as well which is what I usually prefer for poke!

Who doesn't like spam musubi! I tried the one here too ($20) and it was alright with similar quality as the ones you'd typically find at supermarkets in Hawaii. It wasn't hot enough and there was too much rice with too little sauce. The best shop has got to be Musubi-ya Iyasume in Waikiki! They have tons of flavors like spam, bacon, egg, plum, shiso, mentaiko and they are all so good as their musubi are piping hot with yummy sauce and perfect rice ratio! Hopefully Pololi can offer more flavors too.

Verdict - as the only shop in Hong Kong offering poke, Pololi is definitely worth a try for those who haven't been to Hawaii and for those who miss Hawaii!

35-39 Graham Street, Central
Tel: 2755 8099

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