Timón Seafood Tapas at Spanish Food Festival | Hong Kong

Spanish Food Festival is happening next week from October 19th-29th with participating restaurants including CatalunyaFoFo by el WillyLa PalomaTimón Seafood TapasQuemo and Plaza Mayor! The festival is put on by the Spanish Chamber and Gormei which specializes in bespoke dining experiences and each restaurant has designed set menus with various offerings at lunch and dinner so check out the full details here: http://www.gormei.com/en/category/spanish-week/What's better than delicious Spanish food is that you will get a chance to win a FREE air ticket to Spain when you make a booking and the first dinner booking per day can get a free bottle of INEDIT DAMM which is specially crafted by Ferran Adria - plus you can also use my promo code "Mtse_SFF" for a chance to win an extra seat! 

Catalunya, FoFo and La Paloma are some of my favorite Spanish restaurants in HK but I haven't been to the others before so I was excited to be invited to a preview of the Spanish Food Festival dinner menu at Timón Seafood Tapas! What sets Timón apart is their focus on seafood as the chef picks the freshest seafood from local wet market everyday and the finest ingredients from Spain in order to deliver the best Spanish style seafood experience. The space was very stylish with a casual bar area on the ground floor and dining tables on the second floor. I love the vibrant aqua color scheme which ties in with the emphasis on seafood throughout. 

For the Spanish Food Festival, Timón is offering a 5-course lunch menu for $198 and a 6-course dinner menu for $428 per person. Here's what we tried on the dinner menu:

Chips w/ Pickled Mussels Dip - I liked the dip which tasted more like tuna to me but it would have been better if it was served with thicker chips as these were too thin and crumbled easily.

Spanish Omelette w/ Foie Gras, Caramelized Onion & Apple - the onion and apple managed to balance out the richness of the foie gras here while the texture of the omelette was just right.

Black Sausage Ravioli w/ Confit Piquillo Pepper - an intriguing presentation of ingredients as the ravioli was placed on top of the black sausage instead of encasing it like a normal ravioli would and I wasn't sure if it worked better. I liked the ravioli skin though which was thin and easy to chew through - almost like a liang pi (noodle skin) in Xian cuisine. 

Stuffed Turbot w/ Prawns, Porcini Mushroom & Velouté Sauce - it was interesting to be served fish with stuffing and I actually quite liked the stuffing but I just thought that the clams were more of an afterthought in the way they were presented here.

Duck Magret, Sautéed Baby Vegetables, Raisin Juice, Potato & Bacon Cake - this was my favorite dish of the night as I loved the bouncy texture of the duck while the potato and bacon layered cake was a delicious combo!

Yogurt Mousse, Peach Jelly & Financier Cake - a sweet ending of yogurt and peaches!

Timón Seafood Tapas Bar & Restaurant
33 Ship Street, Wan Chai
Tel: 2111 0484

*By Invitation

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