[Hong Kong] Cassio - LKF Savouring Art 2017

March is Art Month in Hong Kong and Lan Kwai Fong is launching the Savouring Art campaign where 12 participating restaurants will be incorporating the theme "Color of Ingredients" into its dishes and drinks. Each restaurant will be offering a 4-6 course set menu ranging from $380 to $688 per person during the campaign and I had the privilege of previewing the menu at Cassio which I had been wanting to check out for some time now! Created by the team behind Dragon-I, Cassio serves food by famed London tapas bar Barrafina with an impressive cocktails and drinks list to match. I enjoyed the food at Cassio and I think the 5-course set menu at $688 is a pretty good deal considering their a la carte prices, so if you've been wanting to check out the restaurant - here's your chance! The Savouring Art menu can only be booked via FeedMe Guru and my readers can use the special code "Supertastermel" to get $50 off.

The Sangria ($120) came highly recommended here and we were told that no sugar had been added at all - instead the fruits were added to the wine and aged for a few days.

Spinach and Pear Salad with Idiazabal cheese, pecan nuts and pomegranate served with balsamic vinegar. I loved the textures of this salad especially with the crunchy caramelized pecan nuts while I thought there was just a tad too much balsamic vinegar which made the salad a bit too acidic. 

The Tuna Tartare with avocado sauce is one of the art dishes that was created just for the Savouring Art menu. I thought the flavors were aptly light which highlighted the flavors of the fresh tuna. 

While there is a Carabinero dish served on regular menu, the version for the art menu came with white asparagus and eggplant served with red miso and orange dressing. The red prawn doesn't seem to be as big as the one on the regular menu but it was was cooked just right while the dressing was complimentary.

The Suckling Pig and quinoa salad served with beetroot puree was my favorite dish of the night as the skin of the suckling pig was crispy while the meat was tender and juicy!

The Macedonia with filo cracker, vanilla chantilly and red fruits was a perfectly light dessert that served as a nice ending for our lovely meal at Cassio. 

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2/F, LKF Tower
33 Wyndham Street, Central
Tel: +852 3792 0129

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