[Tokyo] Akiba Fukurou Owl Cafe アキバフクロウ

I'm back in Japan for cherry blossoms but the recent cold weather has stalled the bloom so I went to do something that I've always wanted to do - check out an owl cafe! I went to a popular one called Akiba Fukurou in Akihabara where they had over 30 owls of all different sizes and types in a room. Here are a few tips to ensure a smooth visit:

1) Make a reservation online on their website in advance as they limit the number of guests during each time slot (note that they are closed on Tuesdays)
2) Costs ¥2000 per person for an hour (cash only) - no food or drinks are served
3) You can take as many pictures as you like as long as long as you don't use flash and each person can hold 2 different owls
4) The staff will also take pictures of you and print it out as a postcard souvenir for you to take home
5) Beware of poop! You may want to wear something you don't mind getting dirty because the owls may poop on you while you are holding it. Luckily it didn't happen to me but a poor girl in our group got pooped on her head while the owl was standing on it.

That's it! Overall I had a super fun time interacting with the cute owls and afterwards I totally wanted one as a pet at home. Keep scrolling for more cute pictures of owls!

While there are 30+ owls in the cafe, some may be resting during your visit and you are advised to leave those alone.

Many others are wide awake that you can engage in a staring contest with (but probably lose). 

When you are ready to hold an owl, the staff will help you and advise an area to place it such as your arm, shoulder or head. 

For bigger owls, you will be given a thick glove to wear so you won't get hurt. 

The proper way to touch an owl is to use the back of a single finger and gently touch its forehead.

The hour flew by quickly and at the end of the session, you will get a laminated postcard with your picture and you can also buy owl souvenirs like postcards, masking tapes, buttons, etc. We also talked to the staff who told us that the owls actually live in a bigger place where they are free to fly around. Honestly I had a great time and highly recommend visiting an owl cafe during your visit in Tokyo!

Akiba Fukurou Owl Cafe アキバフクロウ 
〒101-0022 67, Neribeicho, Kanda, Chiyodaku, Tokyo

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