Elephant Grounds | Hong Kong

Rating: ❤❤❤1/2

Elephant Grounds is a coffee shop inside the WOAW! store on Gough Street so it may be hard to find at first. I actually accidentally stumbled upon the shop on its opening day as I was dining nearby and vowed to come back to check it out. Who knew that it would take so long? The coffee shop was quite tiny and crowded on the weekends - not at all what I'd imagine a leisure coffee experience would be but decided to bite the bullet since I wanted to try their ice cream sandwiches which is only available on the weekends and changes weekly!

Dark Roast Flat White ($40) - the coffee looked gorgeous but the milk was overheated which destroyed some of its delicate textures and flavors while the flavor of the espresso could be richer as it was a tad too milky at the moment. [3.5/5]

Milo Dragon ($68) - milo ice cream with earl grey cookies and jelly. To be honest, I couldn't really taste the milo flavor in the ice cream while the earl grey was also faint in the cookies. Not sure if the combination of the flavors worked for me and for the price, I was expecting a lot more. [3/5] 

Verdict - not sure if I will be a regular here as I didn't expect a cup of coffee and ice cream to cost me over $100. Some of their previous ice cream sandwich flavors sounded a lot more appealing like red velvet and bacon ice cream so I may come back to try one that appeals to me. 

Elephant Grounds
11 Gought Street, Sheung Wan
+852 2253 1313

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