Belgian Waffle Desserts at Waffills | Hong Kong

Rating: ❤❤❤❤

The last time I tried the savory waffles at Waffills, I wasn't impressed with the fillings but I thought the waffle itself was pretty decent so I had hope for their desserts. I ended up coming here one night with a few friends after seeing the long lines at Via Tokyo next door. I'm sure they must get a lot of the overflow traffic which is why they have developed a matcha waffle! We ended up trying all of their waffle desserts on the menu. 

Brussels Waffle Premium ($68) - comes with icing sugar, whipped cream plus your choice of vanilla, chocolate or caramel cream ice cream; mixed berries or banana; and strawberry, chocolate or caramel sauce. After a few seconds of debate, we chose caramel ice cream with bananas and chocolate sauce, and it was heavenly! Unlike some other waffles that tends to be dense and fills you up after a few bites, the waffle here was light and crispy which made the dessert very enjoyable to eat as it was not heavy at all. [4.5/5]

Apple Waffill Premium ($78) - the apple waffill was lovely as well with apple, amaretto, cinnamon, whipped cream and white chocolate flakes along with your choice of ice cream (we chose vanilla for this waffle). The apple filling inside the waffle reminded me of an apple pie and it was delicious! My friends got really curious about how the fillings came to be inside the waffle but the owner wouldn't tell us his trade secret. Oh well. [4/5]

Matcha Liege Waffle ($24) - I loved the soft and chewy texture of this waffle while I found the matcha flavor to be strong but with a bitter aftertaste. The caramelized sugar glistening on top helped to balance it out but not really enough. [3.5/5]

Verdict - I would definitely come back for the waffle desserts!

G/F, 124 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay 
+852 2613 9600

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