Highline | Hong Kong - Secret Bar inside Street Meat

No this is not in New York City - though the subway-like entrance of Street Meat can certainly fool me at first glance. Street Meat aims to bring the best of New York street food to Hong Kong with the likes of ramen burger, lobster roll and even lamb wrap (inspired by Xi'an Famous Foods in Flushing)! I recently attended an event held by Spottly - a pictures/video travel app curated by local users where one can easily share and collect the best places to eat and play around the world - and it was held at a secret bar inside Street Meat called Highline. Who knew there was a secret bar inside?! And you know it's secret when you need a staff's fingerprint to open the door and let you in. 

The bar inside wasn't big but certainly enough to entertain close friends which is what it is used for at the moment. There were 6 choices of specialty cocktails for us on that night and I loved how the drinks are named after places along the High Line Park in New York City.

Diller-von Furstenburg ($130) - with citron vodka, almond syrup, apricot puree and gooseberry. Easy to drink with its sweet and fruity flavors, I don't think anyone could be offended by it and it's a great drink to start the night with.

Chelsea Grassland ($160) - with champagne, earl grey, lavender and orange zest. I loved the subtle and delicate flavors of this drink while the faint scent of lavender with every sip made it all the more special. I'm usually not a big fan of lavender in my food and drinks but the lavender worked surprisingly well here. 

Chelsea Market Lobster Roll - lobster rolls!! I haven't had these in the longest time and I was excited to try these babies. The mayo was a bit too much but I loved the generous chunks of lobster and crab roe in these mini rolls. So good!

Canal Street Ox Tongue Sandwich - I've never had ox tongue in a sandwich before and it was surprisingly delicious as the ox tongue was tender and richly flavored from spices. Loved it!

Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich - what's better than macarons? Macarons with ice cream! We were served these limited edition Spottly macaron ice cream sandwiches in Caramel Biscuit and Red & White Grape flavors, and they were awesome! Especially loved the red and white grape flavor and the colors were so cute too. Aww.

Verdict - must go back to try the K-town ramen burger!

Street Meat / Highline
50 Wyndham Street, Central

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