[Hong Kong] Fish & Meat - New Menu with Uni Toast

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It's been a year since my last visit to Fish & Meat and I was excited to come back here to try the new menu that will change daily and weekly based on the freshest and finest ingredients of the day! Loyal fans fear not for the most popular signature dishes will continue to stay on the menu so you can still enjoy the old with the new. 

Even the drinks received an update with a new mixologist onboard by utilizing seasonal ingredients to create cocktails like the Summer Negroni ($120) with gooseberry infused gin, suze, amaro, grapefruit bitters and the Kale in Comparison ($125) with blanco tequila, kale, pineapple juice, lemon, ginger and cilantro. I really liked the Kale in Comparison as it had a spicy kick to it and even felt a bit healthy (it counts as vegetables right?).

We started off the night with this dreamy Sea Urchin Toast ($220) with mustard seeds, cauliflower cream and cress. It was a great improvement over the original sea urchin bruschetta as the sea urchin, salmon roe and, most of all, the fluffy soft brioche toast formed a heavenly (and evil) combo that you won't be able to stop stuffing into your mouth!

The Oven-roasted Indian Ocean Tiger Prawns ($185) with lardo di colonata, charred corn, chilli and lemon was another favorite of the night as the prawns had a rich smoky flavor while the sweet corn balanced the spiciness of the sauce perfectly.

It wasn't all new dishes that night as of course we had to get the ever popular Soft Duck Egg Raviolo ($125) with ricotta cream, burnt sage butter, pecorino cheese which is made fresh with limited quantity daily.

The Australian Blue Mussels ($190) with pancetta, san marzano, herb broth and toast bread had an amazingly flavorful broth that was great to dip with the brioche toast.

My favorite dish of the night has got to be the Sea Urchin Fresh Squid Ink Linguine ($340) with salmon roe, roasted garlic and chili. The pasta was al dente while I loved how the sweetness and creaminess of the sea urchin still managed to shine through with the spicy kick in flavors!

The Spring Onion Risotto ($180) with arugula and Parmesan was rich and cheesy but did not taste overly heavy - perfect for cheese lovers.

The Grilled Canadian Pork Chop ($260) with English peas, Portabello, green apple, mustard jus was tender and tasted like honey ham with its slight sweet flavor. 

We ended the savory dishes of the night with another signature - the 14oz USDA 400 Day Grain Fed Rib Eye ($550) with roasted wild mushrooms, basil and salsa verde butter.

As we moved on to desserts, we started with one of my favorite of the night which is the Pavlova with vanilla cream, basil and yogurt sorbert, seasonal fruits and berries that is made fresh and limited daily. The meringue was crisp and light with a marshmallow center while the tangy passion fruit sauce balanced the sweetness of the dessert perfectly!

The Sicilian Lemon Tart was topped with torched meringue while filled with a smooth and soft lemon curd that was so tart and zingy to eat. 

The ever classic Dark Chocolate Fondant with salted caramel and homemade Tahitian vanilla ice cream was a crowd favorite as the caramel was rich yet didn't taste heavy at all and went with the chocolate fondant like a match made in heaven.

Verdict - overall the new dishes were exciting and well-executed especially the seafood dishes and I can't wait to see what else is to come!

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Fish & Meat
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