[Hong Kong] Linguini Fini - New Weekend Brunch

Rating: ❤❤❤❤

Back at Linguini Fini for its weekend brunch! Available every weekend and on public holidays from noon onward, brunch starts at $168 for its antipasti buffet only with fresh seafood, cold cuts, cheese, salad and more or pair it with pastas and mains for $198 to $228. 

Its semi al fresco dining provided the perfect relaxing environment to enjoy a weekend brunch while the spacious restaurant was family friendly with plenty of space to go around. The antipasti buffet were neatly lined up on a counter in the middle of the restaurant so we dug in straight away!

A tower of crab legs and clams which had been well-seasoned! I have had so many bad experiences of eating frozen and bland seafood at countless buffets in Hong Kong so this was a welcomed change.

Cooked prawns and mussels. 

Cured meat selection.


The cooked dishes were surprisingly good too! I wasn't going to eat too much of these at first since I had ordered other dishes already but the chicken and the brussel sprouts were really flavorful.

On the whole, the antipasti buffet here may not have the most selection but it's the quality that counts and on that front, I would say the restaurant passed with flying colors!

Local craft brewery Young Master is available on tap here. 

Instead of alcohol, we opted for this healthy option with our brunch - Homegrown Green ($68) with cucumber, green pepper, celery, granny smith apple, bitter melon and honey! For a drink that was so green, it tasted quite refreshing and appetizing actually.

I also got my ever favorite drink Mango Lassi ($68) to cool down from the summer heat and it was served with a metal straw! I think I finally found a way to cure my habit of biting on straws now...*clank clank*

Salt Cured Egg Infused Linguini Fini ($198) - I was intrigued by its name on the menu and although there was no visible egg in it (totally missed the word "infused"), the pasta here was delightful as usual with its springy and chewy texture while the pesto and roasted cherry tomatoes were a delicious combo.

LF Benedict ($228) - this was something special! Only available at the weekend brunch, this was not your typical eggs benedict as the hollandaise sauce was made with 'nduja which is a type of spicy spreadable salami from Italy. The only thing was that I thought the ham was a bit too salty for me.

Hot Chocolate Affogato ($68) - with milk gelato and cinnamon toast crunches, this was the perfect end to our meal! Looking at that rich and luscious chocolate waterfall is making me drool again. I only wished that there was more gelato to balance the chocolate out at the end though.

Verdict - the brunch here at Linguini Fini is great value as usual while the 3-hour free flow prosecco is only $98 - what are you waiting for! 

* By Invitation

Linguini Fini
49 Elgin Street, Central
Tel: 2387 6338

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