[Hong Kong] Sushi Man 鮨文

If you think I'm in Japan again, think again. This is Hong Kong and good news to those who reside in New Territories, this new sushi restaurant is located in Yuen Long! Sushi Man is opened by Chef Cupid - a young and passionate sushi chef who was trained in Hong Kong and, according to him, spent a lot of money eating at all of the sushi restaurants in Ginza on a trip once to improve his craft. I was so in shock that I forgot to ask him which restaurant was his favorite (oops).

The decor inside is similar to what you would find in a sushi restaurant in Tokyo with a L-shaped 10 seat counter but a lot more spacious with additional tables in the back for group dining as well. 

Lunch omakase starts at a very reasonable price of $180 while dinner starts from $600-$1300. We were here to try the $1300 omakase dinner and during the meal, we also got to try 3 different types of sake where we were treated to a $8000 bottle of sake - which turned out to be my favorite out of the 3 (unsurprisingly)! 

We started off our meal with an onsen egg salad where we were instructed to break the yolk and mix it thoroughly with the greens.

The chawanmushi (steamed egg custard) with truffle smelled amazing and was a delight to eat with its smooth texture.

We then moved on to the sashimi starting with the Hiramasa (平政), a yellowtail amberjack. 

Shima-aji (しま鯵)

The scallops were big, fresh and sweet to eat!

I had quite a few Torigai (鳥貝) during my recent Japan trip and I was glad to see this in Hong Kong. It was very much alive and still moving when we were served this!

The chef deliberately chose a cut between Otoro and Chutoro so we can get the best of both worlds.

The abalone was probably my favorite tsumami of the night as it was soft and tender which went perfectly with the accompanying rich sauce made from abalone liver. The sauce was so good we were given a rice ball to finish it off with so we don't waste a drop of it!

We then started off our sushi courses with this gorgeous Itoyoridai (いとより) - a golden threadfin bream!

The torched Saba (鯖) was carefully seasoned and avoided the fishiness that I normally fear in saba.


We got treated with a mix of Murasaki and Bafun Uni together as a gunkan-maki which I wasn't sure worked for me because the bafun uni tends to be creamier and richer in flavor - hence overpowering the other type of uni.

The Akagai (赤貝) was beautifully torched into a blooming flower while I loved the snappy texture. 

We then ended the night with this deliciously mixed crab meat hand roll.

For dessert, we were treated to a slice of cantaloupe and honeydew which were so sweet and juicy - especially the honeydew!

Verdict - while this may not substitute a trip to Tokyo, Sushi Man delivers solid sushi that is excellent in value for the price while it is great for those who will no longer have to trek to Hong Kong Island for quality sushi!

* By Invitation

Sushi Man 鮨文
Shop E, G/F Lee Fat House, No.5 Yan Lok Square, Yuen Long
Tel: 2285 9477

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