[Hong Kong] Tartine - A Slice of Second Chances

Rating: ❤❤❤❤

So after I posted about my rather disastrous experience last time, the restaurant invited me back to give them a second try. They explained that they had just started lunch services recently and were short staffed on the day that I visited. The service was obviously better than last time and when the manager came over to greet me, she said she had read my review and just as I braced myself for the awkwardness ahead, she gracefully accepted my critique and told me that "it happened and all it matters is that we learn from it. It only makes me want to do better." I guess many new restaurant encounter issues in the beginning but it's how you work through and handle the problems that counts. Her positive attitude made me changed my mind about the restaurant for the better and I hope they will continue to do well with the food and service!

Onto the food, I tried the a la carte menu this time which had more choices starting with this  Black Truffle Sandwich appetizer ($138) with warm salt butter toasts and black truffle filling. The toasts were very fluffy and crispy at the same time while the black truffle was aromatic and yet not artificial at all.

The Pork Rillettes Du Mans ($68) was served with cornichons and was actually really good. I'm usually not a fan of pork rillettes as some can taste fatty and overly mushy but I quite enjoyed the ones here. 

The Goat Cheese & Roasted Figs (HK$98) with Parma ham, aged balsamic vinegar, honey and arugula tasted just as good as it looked and I think it is my favorite tartine here - even more than the lobster! 

But of course the Lobster & Homemade Bechamel ($138) with the rich lobster bisque was an unbeatable combination. I hear that people are using the lobster bisque as a sauce on the tartine but I would recommend just drinking it from the cup to truly taste its flavors.

The sinfully rich Double Parma Ham & Bechamel ($108) was a twist on the classic croque monsieur with two layers of bread, melted cheese and ham. 

The Crab & Lemon Aioli ($108) with artichoke, sun-dried tomatoes and quail eggs was well-balanced and refreshing in flavor.

Last but last least, I tried this gorgeous Berries & Mascarpone ($68) for dessert with mixed berries and Mascarpone cheese on tartine. The Mascarpone went really well with the berries and wasn't too sweet as well.

Verdict - I was definitely more impressed with the food the second time around because I think I got to try more tartines which are not offered during weekday lunches due to the complexity and time it takes to make them. I also got to tour the 3/F of the restaurant this time and was quite impressed with the space as it had a classy bar along with an al fresco dining area which would be great for happy hour drinks or weekend brunches!

*By Invitation

2/F & 3/F, 38-42 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central
Tel: 2808 0752

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  1. Such a nice title that echoes so well with the first post! :)
    I have a hard time discovering which would be the best choice at Tartine, the fig one sounds amazing, so as the lobster, but I'm afraid the goat cheese would be too strong.
    And wow your shot on the berries and mascarpone is super pretty Melissa! x :D

    1. Thanks for your kind words Andre! Actually I didn't find the goat cheese that strong and normally I'm not a fan of goat cheese either so can give it a try!


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