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New dinner menu at La Paloma! I absolutely loved the weekend brunch here so I was happy to be invited to come try the new menu with a group of fellow blogger friends. It turned out that we were all in for a surprise celebration at the end of our meal but more on that later! 

La Paloma means "pigeon" and the restaurant aims to deliver a fun, affordable and interactive dining experience with an open kitchen and full frontal view of the paella stations and tradition clay oven. The atmosphere at night was even more happening and festive compared to day time which is great for group gatherings and parties.

No Spanish meal is complete without sangria! We got two jars of sangria to share - one white and one red - and both were delicious to drink with the food to come. 

We had a variety of luscious tapas to start with:
Salmon Ahumado ($25/pc) with explosive smoked salmon with chipotle cream and marinated salmon roe, Tuna Tataki ($25/pc) with spicy avocado, Bacon Con Queso ($74/4pc) with bacon and cheese explosive air baguettes and Mollete De Cangrejo ($80) with spiced crab soft sexy sandwich. My favorite was definitely the bacon and cheese explosive!

The Prawn Carpaccio ($168) was quite appetizing with a rich lobster sauce drizzled on top.

The Smoked and Marinated Seafood ($80) was surprisingly delicious as the flavors of these marinated fishes all packed a punch.

The Madrid Style Calamari Mini Sandwiches ($80) was another enjoyable tapas with its chewy and crispy squid filling!

The Fresh Mussels ($135) cooked with onions, saffrons and chili had a flavorful broth but I thought the texture of the mussels was a bit softer than I'd liked. 

The Roast Dover Sole ($580) with garlic, thyme, white wine, seasonal vegetables and sundried Piquillo peppers was a definite show stopper with its grand presentation in a big metal pan! The fish was cooked just right with a smooth and flaky texture while the sauce was flavorful without being overwhelming.

The Squid Ink and Prawn Dry Paella ($348) was the highlight with its rich and savory rice. I loved that parts of it had been slightly burnt which added an additional smoky aroma to the rice!

Finally, the surprise celebration was a birthday dessert platter with Banana Split ($65), Mini Chocolate Donuts ($48), Caramelized Butter Bread with Vanilla Ice Cream ($58) and Flan with Passion Fruit and Coconut Creme Caramel ($48)! It was super cute as it was arranged on a roasting pan as well and I totally could not stop eating the mini chocolate donuts while the passion fruit flan was amazingly delectable too. 

La Paloma
1/F, 189 Queen's Road West, Sai Ying Pun
Tel: 2291 6161

*By Invitation

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