[Hong Kong] Zuma - New Brunch Concept "Saturday Session"!

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Life can be so unpredictable sometimes - I had my Saturday afternoon all planned out but when my friend asked me if I wanted to check out Zuma's new brunch concept the morning of, all plans went out the door! Located in the Landmark, Zuma is a restaurant chain with locations around the world and its food is inspired by the Japanese izakaya-style dining where food is continuously brought to the table. I have always loved the weekend brunch at Zuma with its free flow champagne, bellini and buffet of Japanese food but the new brunch concept "Saturday Session" set to launch in mid-November will be slightly different with free flow cocktails and a set menu instead from 2:30-5pm at HK$450 per person. It's like a lighter version of the regular brunch to start your Saturday evening early that won't leave you comatose (hopefully!) after ingesting unlimited alcohol and food - besides who doesn't love brunch with free flow cocktails!
zuma hong kong interior

As much as I love champagne and bellini, the cocktails at Zuma are equally impressive and out-of-this-world! I loved this fruity Yuzu and Mandarin Cosmo with Absolut vodka, mandarin, yuzu and cranberry which put a Japanese twist on this classic drink.
zuma hong kong cocktails

The guys would probably prefer the Smoked Peanut Butter Old Fashioned with Chivas 12 year whisky, chocolate bitter, chamomile and smoke but even though I don't like to drink whisky, the peanut butter actually worked wonders here in balancing out the whisky and making it so smooth to drink!
zuma hong kong old fashioned cocktail

The Lillet Spritzer with lillet blanc, peach liquer, citronella and prosecco was not only pretty but also delightful with a dryer and stronger alcohol taste.
zuma hong kong cocktail

The starters with edamame and homemade pickled vegetables were perfect for munching on while sipping on our cocktails. 

More food started to come out one by one starting with this green salad with asparagus, sweet tomatoes and barley miso dressing.

The steamed baby spinach with sesame sauce is great for those who can't eat greens without lots of sauce (me!).

The seared salmon with lime shiso and soy was delectable to eat especially with the tangy sauce. 
zuma hong kong seared salmon

The Tokusen Maki to Nigiri Platter was one of the mains with a variety of sushi and maki rolls! It's very much a westernized version of sushi so while die-hard Japanese sushi fans may not be satisfied here, the fish were definitely fresh and delicious in its own way.
zuma hong kong sushi nigri

The other main dish was this Sumibiyaki Moriawase robata platter with beef skewers, chicken wings, salmon teriyaki, grilled corn, mushrooms and asparagus. I loved the spices that gave the corns and beef a spicy kick while the salmon was soft and flaky to eat. 
zuma hong kong sumibiyaki weekend brunch

zuma hong kong weekend brunch

zuma hong kong weekend brunch

We ended with this seasonal fruit platter which to be honest was a bit of a let down because I have a sweet tooth and I would have preferred some kind of dessert or ice cream at least for our sweet ending! 
zuma hong kong fruits

L5&6, Landmark
15 Queen's Road, Central
Tel: 3657 6388

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