[Tokyo] Tokyo Dosanjin 東京 土山人 - Sudachi Soba

Rating: ❤❤❤❤

Sudachi is a type of Japanese citrus fruit used for seasoning and I was intrigued when I saw pictures of a bowl of soba completely covered with slices of sudachi. Tokyo Dosanjin is famous for serving this type of soba so I came here with several friends to check it out. Originally we wanted to make reservations but they actually don't taking bookings for soba so we decided to go at opening time for lunch. There was a line already when we arrived and we ended up waiting for 30 minutes on a Saturday afternoon. 

The restaurant is located at B1 level which can be seen from the outside. 

The restaurant offers different types of cold and hot soba. The Sudachi Soba (¥1200) is available as a hot soba in broth but there's actually a chilled version as well which is only available during the summer. The flavors of the broth was rather light and subtle, but it grew on me as I kept eating and towards the end I couldn't help but finish the entire bowl of soup. 

The soba also came with black shichimi for me to add a bit of spice to the soba. 

J ended up trying the Anago Tempura Soba (¥1950) which was good too but other than the sudachi soba, we prefer the soba at Azabu Kawakamian actually.

We also got a few appetizers to share which were all pretty good so don't miss out when you're trying the soba here. 

Tokyo Dosanjin 東京 土山人
3-19-8 Aobadai Meguro Tokyo 
東京都 目黒区 青葉台 3-19-8
Tel: +81-50-5589-2216

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