[Tokyo] Fukamachi 深町 - 1 Michelin Star Tempura

Rating: ❤❤❤❤1/2

On the next day, we had lunch at Fukamachi 深町 - a 1 Michelin-star tempura restaurant which is considered one of the best in Tokyo with a fairly high ranking on Tabelog. Chef Fukamachi runs the restaurant with his son and serves edo-mae style tempura where his tempura is thinly battered and lightly fried in order to preserve the original flavors of the ingredients. We had made a reservation which is highly recommended because when we arrived at the restaurant for our booking, we saw a sign outside which said they were fully booked for the day. 

For lunch they serve 3 tempura sets (ranging from ¥‎7000 to ¥‎9000) with different combinations of seafood, vegetables and rice along with a special Kakiage Tendon (¥‎2800). Both J and I ordered the No.2 (¥‎9000) which included 2 pieces of kuruma ebi (shrimp), 3 pieces of seafood, 5 pieces of vegetables and our choice of tendon, tencha or tenbara. 

Our table setting which included grated daikon, tentsuyu (tempura dipping sauce), lemon and salt where along the meal, the chef would inform us which condiment to pair with our tempura. 

Chef Fukamachi worked in tandem with his son to manage all the frying of the tempura but while they were working as fast as they could, the pace of the meal seemed slow at times as the restaurant was at full capacity - which means they were serving 16 people between the 2 of them. From where I was sitting, I can see that they used 2 fryers which were set at different temperatures to manage the cooking for vegetables and seafood separately.

Kuruma Ebi (shrimp)

Ginkgo Nuts

Petit Onion

Kisu (Japanese Whiting)

Pepper from Kyoto - our favorite vegetable piece as the pepper was really juicy and sweet.

Shiitake Mushroom




Uni Wrapped in Shiso Leaf - this was not included in the lunch set but a must-try at Fukamachi as the abundant amount of creamy and lava uni was just heavenly and irresistible to eat!

At the end of the meal, we got to choose from 3 different types of rice:
1) Tendon - tempura on rice with special sauce
2) Tencha - tempura on rice with green tea
3) Tenbara - tempura and rice mixed together with taste of salt

J went for the Tendon while I tried the Tencha and I thought that the tendon was the better of the two especially with the flavorful sweet soy sauce drizzled on top of the tempura.  


Matcha Ice Cream

In general, the tempura here was really good as the batter was quite thin and not oily at all while the vegetables were more impressive actually than the seafood - I thought that the seafood tasted better at Mikawa Zezankyo especially the anago. The service at Fukamachi was warm and welcoming with English menus but the ventilation could be better as we both ended up smelling like tempura afterwards - oh well I guess that is a small price to pay for good tempura!

Fukamachi 深町
2-5-2 Kyobashi Chuo Tokyo 
東京都 中央区 京橋 2-5-2 A・M京橋ビル 1F
Tel: +81-3-5250-8777

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