[Tokyo] Torisawa 鳥さわ - Yakitori

Rating: ❤❤❤1/2

Torishiki is the top yakitori restaurant in Tokyo according to Tabelog and consequently very hard to book so we settled for Torisawa 鳥さわ instead whose chef had trained at Torishiki previously. I decided to use Torisawa as an experiment to test out Visa's Signature Concierge service to see if they can assist with restaurant reservations in Japan. Unfortunately my general experience with Visa is that they take a long time to respond and the success rate is low as restaurants either prefer hotel concierge or in Torisawa's case, they responded that they don't serve customers who do not understand Japanese. While that may sound discriminatory, I suspect it may be because they are serving semi-raw meat and organs, and want to be able to communicate with customers to ensure they understand the risks. Anyways we ended up making the reservation ourselves and came here for dinner one night. 

There was no English menu here unlike Toriki and actually not much of a menu at all except for this wooden board on the wall that lists out the general dishes in the omakase (selected by the chef). We decided to go for that since it was our first time here and were told to tell them to stop when we are full. 

We sat at the counter which was spacious enough to seat 8 people where the grilling was done on the other side. Overall I thought that the yakitori was better at Toriki with a more smoky flavor but we got to try some very interesting chicken parts here at Torisawa such as hatsumoto (area connecting liver and heart) and esophagus!

Kashiwa - Chicken Thigh

Sabiyaki - Chicken Breast with Wasabi

Unlike the one at Toriki, this one was perfectly rare in the center. 

Ginnan - Gingko Nuts

Shiratama - Quail Eggs (half raw)

Chigimo - Liver (half raw)

Hatsumoto - a special area connecting the liver and heart in a chicken. It was my first time trying this area which turned out to be very juicy, fatty and bouncy, and one of our favorite pieces of this meal!

Tsukune - chicken meatball with cartilage and shiso

Aigamo (Duck) Sasami - I prefer the chicken version which was more tender. 


Kinshisai - Day Lily Bud

Chochin - Chicken with undeveloped egg yolks from the uterus. This has become one of my favorite dish to eat at yakitori restaurants after trying it at Toriki last time. I thought the one at Toriki was better though as the egg yolk was softer and had a more flavorful taste. 

Esophagus - my first time eating chicken esophagus which turned out to be surprisingly good! It was nicely chewy and provided in an acidic sauce here which was rather appetizing to eat. 

Tebayaki - Chicken Wings

A small bowl of chicken broth before being served the final rice course.

For the final rice course, we got to choose between Oyakodon (chicken and egg), Soborodon (minced chicken and egg) and Tamagokake Gohan (rice with raw egg). J tried the soborodon while I went for the oyakodon, and we liked the soborodon more as the dashi was rather weak in my oyakodon surprisingly - even the egg was a tad overcooked for my taste.

Torisawa 鳥さわ
2-24-13 Kameido Koto Tokyo 
東京都 江東区 亀戸 2-24-13
Tel: +81-3-3682-6473

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