How I became a supertaster

This started as a joke between me and my fiancé when he showed me an article about supertasters and how to tell if you are one of them. A supertaster is a person who experiences the sense of taste with far greater intensity than average because of the huge amount of taste buds on his/her tongue. Some tell-tale signs include being a picky eater and being more sensitive to bitter tastes. He had joked that now he finally knows why I am such a picky eater. Well, it's true that I am very picky and am averse to certain types of bitter food, but that doesn't make me a supertaster, does it? We decided to stick out our tongues and examine it in the mirror (say aaahhhhh). Turns out I do have a lot of taste buds (at least more than him), and comparable to the pictures the article had indicated as an example of a supertaster tongue. Done! From that day on, I became a self-proclaimed supertaster who shall go around Hong Kong trying all kinds of food and documenting my adventures in this blog. Hope you enjoy my posts and pictures!


  1. Really enjoy your blog and your photos. I will be in Hong Kong next month and will try some of your suggestion.

  2. Thanks Paulette! Let me know what you think after you try them. I'll try to post more in the mean time.


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