On Lot 10 | Hong Kong

Rating: ❤❤1/2

I have probably passed by this unassuming restaurant many times whenever I go to Gough Street, but I usually go there to eat at the local joints nearby like Kau Kee and Sing Heung Yuen. As one of my friend recommended this restaurant, I decided to come here for lunch when I was meeting up with some girlfriends. Apparently, the owner and chef of On Lot 10 has worked in Alain Ducasse’s restaurants in the US and Monaco, and serves casual French cuisine without all the frills and high price tags. Indeed, the decor was plain and simple while the lunch sets were very reasonable with 2 courses ranging from $118-$138. 

We were given some bread and butter to start with. The baguette was obviously store-bought but at least was warmly toasted. There was nothing special about the bread or butter though. 

Romaine Lettuce (4/5) - I was impressed with the size of this salad! It's huge! The Caesar salad was refreshingly delicious with bacon bits and salty sardines on top of whole romaine leaves while adorned with a gorgeous half-boiled egg on top. I'm usually not a fan of sardines but it went really well with the flavors here. The only thing was that I couldn't finish all of my lettuce because there was so much!

Potato Gnocchi (2.5/5) - I love love love gnocchi so I decided to go for it when I saw it on the menu. Served with sweet corn and mushroom cream sauce, the gnocchi was unfortunately very disappointing with its mushy texture and boring flavors. I prefer my gnocchi to be a bit chewy and bouncy or at least solid on the outside with a soft interior, but the ones here were just lumpy and soggy. The sauce wasn't half bad but nothing exciting either. Man I sure miss my favorite gnocchi at Jane's in NYC. 

Coffee or tea was included in the meal as well but not lattes apparently so I ended up ordering a regular hot coffee. It was pretty decent with a strong aroma and flavor.

Verdict - I wasn't very impressed with the food at On Lot 10 especially given the fierce competition and copious choices nearby for French cuisine. The service could also be better as the dishes came out really slow while the table next to us got their dishes first even though we had ordered way earlier. The staff wasn't that friendly or patient either when my friend wanted to ask questions about the food since there were some things she couldn't eat. Perhaps dinner may better here but with the slow and standoffish service, but I'm not sure if there is a reason for me to come back. 

On Lot 10
34 Gough Street, Central
2155 9210

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