[Tokyo] Unagi Uomasa うなぎ魚政

Rating: ❤❤❤❤1/2 (4.5/5)

Unagi Uomasa is a famous unagi restaurant best known for its Tokuchu Katsuman (特注活鰻) where you can choose from wild, domestic or the popular “Bando Taro” eel (farmed but raised in special environment close to its natural habitat). Reservations are a must which can be made online here where you can specify your order ahead of time. We chose the Bando Taro eel as wild eel is not always available and the price is more reasonable as well. Everything is cooked to order so after we arrived, we had to wait for 40 minutes while the unagi was prepared from scratch including filleting, steaming and grilling on binchotan. In the meanwhile, the crunchy bones and liver of the unagi were served as snacks first to tide over the wait.

I had requested that my Bando Taro eel be prepared as unaju (grilled eel over rice with sauce) and it was well worth the wait with the fragrant smokiness of the crispy skin, the soft meat that practically melted in the mouth, and the perfectly al dente rice that completed the whole dish!

Check out how charred the backside is, so no wonder the smoky flavor was so strong.

A must visit for unagi lovers!

Unagi Uomasa
4 Chome-14-4 Higashiyotsugi, Katsushika City, Tokyo 124-0014, Japan
Tel: +81-3-3695-5222

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