Butao Ramen 豚王 - Well Worth the Wait!

Rating: ❤❤❤❤

I've never been to the Butao in Central because the lines seems to be much longer there, but the branch in CWB seems to be better. I came here for lunch around 12:30pm and only had to wait for half an hour before getting seated. Once inside, I saw how small it was with only 5 round tables with around 5-6 seats at each table. There was barely any space between each seat, and barely any space for the wait staff to move around. I was so nervous that they would trip and spill a bowl of ramen on me while passing by. I was handed an ordering sheet while waiting in line so all I had to do was hand the sheet to the staff once seated to expedite the ordering process. I ordered the original (豚王), and opted for a stronger flavor soup and normal noodles.

My ramen arrived shortly and it was piping hot. First thing I did was taste the soup, which is the essence of any ramen. The soup was rich and thick while at the same time fragrant and flavorful. I had also opted for the secret miso paste, which added a hint of spiciness to the soup. The ramen's texture was just right and better than Ippudo's, though I think they could have added a bit more noodle (usually I finish the char siu before the noodles when I eat ramen, but this time I ran out of noodles before finishing the meat). The 2 pieces of char siu was big and thin, but nothing to rave about as they were too thin for any decent texture. There were also some spicy garnish at the table for you to add to your ramen, which was very good as well. I noticed that my broth started to thicken quite a bit as time went on and the temperature cooled down. Best to finish everything quickly while the broth is still hot!

All in all, I was a happy and full customer. I will come back again to try the other flavors! The service was also excellent as half way through the meal, one of the wait staff stopped by and offered me a rubberband to tie my hair up. I was surprised at how attentive she was. She even had a box full of new hair rubberbands and let me picked one out myself. Awecome!

Butao Ramen
G/F, 40 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay 
2893 3190


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