Pierre Hermé - Mind-Blowing Macarons!


Step aside Laduree and Bouchon Bakery! Pierre Herme's macarons are now my favorite with its creative flavors and delicate pairings!

Thanks to our friends for giving this beautiful box set to us and for introducing us to Pierre Herme!! Our friends had brought over this set with 20 macaroons inside arranged in a donut-shaped box. The box with the cat on the cover was sooo cute that we kept the box after finishing all of the macarons.

Pierre Hermé的相片 - 中環)
As we opened up the box, a rainbow color of macarons sat waiting for us to devour. Our eyes lit up like a kid in a candy store. We got overwhelmed by so many choices! Ooh which one should I try first?
Pierre Hermé的相片 - 中環)
Luckily, there was a catalog with the picture of the macaron and the associated flavors so we can make an informed choice. After all, we don't want to waste our calories. 
The first one I tried was the Jasmine Flower & Jasmine Tea. OMG I have never had such intense flavors packed into such a compact form - these were hands down the best macarons I've ever had! Most macarons are usually too sweet and one dimensional with a single flavor. The macaroons from Pierre Herme was perfect as it was not too sweet and just crumbles in your mouth. Another one I tried was the Mandarin Orange Olive Oil & Cucumber Water. Whoever thought cucumber would work in a macaron - but it did and it was so good. The taste was fresh and unique, and it was refreshing to eat. The coffee macaron - Red Iapar Coffee from Brazil - smelled amazing like a cup of coffee and it was packed with flavor. It was definitely less sweet than the other ones for those of you who don't like sweeter stuff. Even the chocolate macarons - the Pure Origin Peruvian Dark Chocolate - was so much more amazing than the chocolate macarons at other places. The center of the filling was more like a truffle in texture so one minute you're biting into a macaron and another minute you're eating a chocolate truffle. Even then this one was not too sweet so it's amazing how all of the flavors work out perfectly.  Usually I have to stop eating after 1 or 2 macarons from other places but with Pierre Herme I think I could have kept on eating until I ran out.

Pierre Hermé
Shop 1019C, Podium Level 1, International Finance Centre Mall, 1 Harbour View Street, Central 
2833 5700


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