Hung's Delicacies 阿鴻小吃

Rating: ❤1/2

With great fame comes great expectations. As a local eatery serving 'low-end' cuisine that has managed to garner 1 star from the Michelin Guide for the past several years, I've been wanting to come and check it out for myself. I've been here twice for lunch and luckily there were no lines so I didn't have to wait to be seated. 

As you walk in, there's an open kitchen where you can see the chefs at work. The restaurant wasn't too big as there were maybe 6 or 7 round tables for seating. The first time I came, I wasn't very impressed with their marinated goose so I came back again to try some of their famous snacks.
Open kitchen where you can see the action
Ah Hung's Duck Tongue ($45) - very spicy and very chewy! The texture was just right as it was firm enough while the flavor was rich and powerful. Nothing to dislike here!

Spicy Red Oil Crispy Shredded Pig Ear ($50) - at first the pig ear was given to me without any spicy sauce and when I alerted them, they just poured some chili oil on top. That's fine. The chili oil was really spicy though (almost too spicy)! The pig ears were perfectly firm and gelatin-like. I love eating the cartilage in the pig ear as they were so crunchy to eat. Another nicely executed snack dish!

Chicken Leg's Tendon with Mustard Flavored ($58) - portion was a bit small for the price. It was an interesting dish to try as I've never had mustard with chicken tendon. The chicken leg's tendon was very crunchy and chewy to eat. Most of the bones have been picked out but tiny remnants can be found here and there. Not a big issue. I wasn't a big fan of the mustard though. The first bite or two, I found it interesting and tolerable to eat. After that, the mustard started to become too overwhelming and made my mouth rather dry as there was just too much mustard. The chicken itself was great but I think having it with sesame oil is better, or having the mustard sauce off to the side as a dip would work too. 
Marinated Goose Slices and Pig Intestine with Noodle in Sauce ($85) - I love marinated goose and I was really looking forward to trying it here. I had ordered my marinated goose slices with pig intestine over lo mein. First of all, the marinated goose was too lean. They didn't give me the part with the skin still attached as the skin can enhance the flavor of the goose with its fattiness. The texture was also too soft and limp as I usually prefer my goose slices to be firmer. The only saving grace was dipping it in white vinegar to eat. Second, maybe I made a mistake to order the goose slices with lo mein because the noodles were really salty with too much XO sauce and did not go well with the goose slices or pig intestine. The soup that came with the lo mein was lukewarm and didn't help with the saltiness of the noodles. I left much of it unfinished at the end.

Verdict - I think the snack dishes here were really good but the goose was pretty disappointing. As I was looking forward to that and had high expectations, I came away a bit perplexed over the 1 star recognition. I mean the food here was good but not that good. I guess the lesson here is to take the Michelin Guide with a grain of salt and trust your own palate instead.

Hung's Delicacies
Shop 4, G/F, Ngan Fai Building, 84-94 Wharf Road, North Point
2570 1108

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