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There seems to be a matcha craze going on from matcha ice cream to matcha rolls, both of which I love! After my visit to Clover Cake & Coffee House, I'm going to add another to my list - green tea toast! Originally I was going to go to Hung's Delicacies for lunch, but when I got there, I found out that they were closed until Dec 4th! Eventually I ventured over to Clover since they were on the same street. 

The shop was spacious and clean with lots of small tables for patrons to sit and relax. I know that Clover is known for their cakes but since I haven't eaten lunch yet, I decided to browse their food menu as well. For food, it seems that they serve bagel paninis, club sandwich, toasts, and salad. I was interested in the toast but couldn't decide on which flavor to get at first. The waitress told me that green tea and black sesame were the two most popular flavors, so I decided on the green tea toast and latte. I also couldn't resist getting one of their cakes since there were so many sitting so pretty in the display glass! Oh which one should I try? 

Green Tea Toast ($35) - the green tea toast was big and thick with a generous spread of green tea and azuki on top. The spread was dry as it was baked along with the bread, so the outside layer was nicely crusted. The texture of the toast was perfect as the crust was crispy while the bread itself was still soft and moist to eat. The taste of the spread was also fantastic as the sweetness of the azuki was nicely balanced by the strong flavor of matcha. The resulting flavor was not too sweet, which made for a yummy toast!

Good amount of spread on the toast.
Latte (+$12) - I didn't have high hopes for their latte at first, but my latte was actually pretty good! The microfoam on top was shiny and thick with a velvety texture. The flavor of the latte was nicely balanced between the sweetness of the milk and the bitterness of the expresso, which went perfectly with my toast and cake!

Blossom ($40) - the cake that caught my eye was the blossom - a sakura-inspired cake. The pink petal on top was chocolate while the cake itself consisted of layers of cherry blossom mousse and sponge cake. The flavors were light and delicate while not being too sweet. I found the sponge cake to be a bit dry though, which detracted from the overall texture. 

As I was finishing my drink, a sign by the register caught my eye which stated that one can get free cookies for liking their facebook page! After showing the waitress my phone, I got 2 cookies which had been prepackaged already in a neat little bag.
I was going to eat these at home but ended up eating them on the way back. One cookie was chocolate flavored while the other was plain. The texture was crumbly and crunchy with bits of nuts included. I thought the chocolate cookie was better than the plain as the chocolate cookie was more flavorful and tasty. Both cookies were not too sweet and great to munch on. 
As I was leaving, the waitress handed me a pamphlet for their Christmas specials, which included cupcakes, a red ruby cake, and meringue kisses! They all looked so delectable - especially the meringue kisses! All the more reason to come back! 

Clover Cake & Coffee Shop
126 Wharf Road, North Point 
2887 0838

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