[Hong Kong] Foxglove - Hidden Whisky and Jazz Speakeasy

Rating: ❤❤❤1/2

From the creators of Mrs. Pound comes Foxglove - a hidden whisky and jazz speakeasy with an umbrella shop as a front! There was not much information about the food (even the website had just the logo and contact details but nothing else on it) so I decided to go and check it out for myself. At least I found out that they serve lunch so I made a reservation the day before and arrived at the disguised umbrella shop which, like Mrs. Pound, has a backstory about an English gentleman by the name of Mr. Frank Minza who was a world traveler and named this speakeasy after his lover's favorite flower. After confirming our reservation, the receptionist pressed down on a certain umbrella by the hidden door which opened up into the main dining room inspired by vintage first class airplane cabins. I love the retro yet classy 1950's decor here which is perfect for sipping on drinks while listening to live jazz music every Tuesday and Thursday to Saturday at 10pm!

The stage looked glamorous and even though there was no jazz band when we were there during the day, they played jazz music throughout which fitted in with the theme very well.

Even the restrooms were photo-worthy which were inspired by ship cabin's washrooms. 

We were the first ones there so service was quick and prompt. The Executive Lunch Set starts at 2 courses with starter and main for $250 and 3 courses with starter, main and dessert for $310. Choices were rather limited with 3 choices each under starter and main, and I think the lunch menu changes often.

We started with some complimentary baguette which was pretty nice and warm but the butter was hard though.

The Heirloom Tomatoes and Burrata Salad with autumn vegetables and lemon vinaigrette was fresh and solid in flavor.

The Traditional Onion Soup with melted with Gruyere cheese was surprisingly good and my favorite dish of the meal with its thick layer of melted cheese on top and richly flavored broth. I also really liked the upscale and elegant brass utensils used here.

The Beef and Foie Gras Burger with foie gras and beef patty, Emmental cheese, bacon, duck liver pate, beetroot relish and fries was disappointing though. We couldn't really taste the foie gras in the beef patty which was rather dry and it was just lackluster compared to other foie gras burgers out there (such as Texas Burger) which offers whole pieces of foie gras whereas you just get little clumps of it here with a thin spread of duck liver pate on the bun.

The Garlic Prawn Tagliatelle with chorizo, garlic, Espelette pepper, herbs, Cointreau and white wine sauce smelled amazing initially, but I couldn't taste anything else besides garlic. At least the prawns and pasta were nicely cooked but unfortunately I only realized that the prawns were not deveined until after eating some already. It's not completely necessary to devein prawns (as in you're not going to die from it) but I just didn't like seeing a dark black intestinal tract running along my prawn and for me to eat its crap. Aesthetics aside, deveining the prawns will ensure a clean taste so I'm rather disappointed that a restaurant charging a premium for their food would not pay closer attention to how they treat their ingredients. 

We ended up getting one dessert to share and there was only one choice which was the Chocolate Delight with chocolate mousse and caramel sauce. It didn't look like it was made in-house but the texture was very smooth and not too sweet. Just not sure if it was worth the $60 upgrade though for the tiny size. 

Verdict - in general, the food was a bit lackluster and not impressive for the price they are charging but I was very impressed with the fabulous decor here and I'm definitely interested in coming back to check out the live jazz music and their cocktails!

2/F, Printing House
6 Duddell Street, Central
Tel: 2116 8949

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