[Macau] 3* Robuchon au Dome at Grand Lisboa Hotel

Rating: ❤❤❤❤1/2 (4.5/5)

Last weekend I was back at Grand Lisboa Hotel for another gastronomic experience - this time at Robuchon au Dome! Awarded 3 Michelin Stars for 9 consecutive years, the restaurant is a top dining destination in Macau and the epitome of French fine dining. Located on the top floor of the hotel, diners can enjoy beautiful views of the city while they dine. Everything is a bit larger than life here - there's the extensive wine collection with over 16,800 labels, a breathtaking chandelier hanging from the top of the dome ceiling, and the numerous trolleys of food that will be offered during the meal. Robuchon au Dome is especially popular for its weekend lunch menu due to its great value for money, and is booked out months in advance. I was here for dinner and as soon as I stepped into the restaurant, I was immediately captivated by the chandelier and golden grand piano in the center of the room.

As mentioned before, Robuchon au Dome probably has the most extensive wine collection in Asia and their wine menu is as thick as an encyclopedia! Don't worry though - a digital version is also available on an iPad. 

For our tasting menu, the sommelier had picked out a few wine parings for us - a champagne, two whites and one red to be exact.

The first of the many trolleys of the night was the bread cart with many different types of bread! The bread at Robuchon have always been fantastic and we ended up packing most of it to go in order to save room for the actual meal.
Both unsalted and salted butter were provided for the bread.

We started off the meal with the Pour Commencer - an appetizing crispy waffle scampi seasoning with espelette pepper.

The Le Caviar with Impérial caviar and king crab refreshed with crustacean jelly is the ever classic signature Robuchon dish! It tasted a little different from versions I’ve had before and apparently Joel Robuchon had updated it to make the flavors lighter and more refreshing.

The "new style" La Niçoise salad with slow boiled egg and tuna belly was an amazing modern rendition of the classic salad and I especially like the slight spiciness here!

The La Morille with morel mushroom with Comte cheese ravioli was another stellar dish with its rich nutty flavors.

Le Homard Cardinalisé - roasted lobster with salted butter, stewed green peas in Château Chalon broth with a hint of mint. The flavors were solid here but I would have preferred my lobster to be just a little bit more raw.

The anticipation was real for our next dish! The beef was showcased first in a smoky black box before being cut and served in front of us. 

The Le Bœuf with beef châteaubriand and foie gras “Rossini” style with vintage Port wine was certainly a luxurious combination! Chef Julien Tongourian prefers to use the leaner Saga beef as opposed to Kagoshima beef to match with the foie gras for this dish. 

After the end of the savory portion, the trolleys were back again and we were offered a very extensive cheese selection! I'm not a big cheese person and I was already feeling full so I decided to save room for desserts.

And of course you can count on Robuchon to come up with a golden canele with this pre-dessert Le Voile Cannelé en Sucre Souffé (sugar sphere with Tahiti vanilla cream and rum ice-cream)!

The refreshing Le Coco des Iles with Japanese “Amaou” strawberry and delicate lime jelly with coconut sorbet arrived in a dramatic fashion on a cloud of dry ice fog.

Time for more desserts! I was glad that I saved room because not only we did get a trolley full of desserts, there were also one for ice cream and mignardises too! Everything looked really good and I was tempted to try them all but in the end I settled for the strawberry cake, mango with passion fruit and millefeuille. 

The mango looked real enough but it was filled with mango cream and passion fruit seeds! 

Six different ice cream and sorbet flavors for our choosing.

The mignardises were even harder to choose than the desserts so the restaurant selected a few signature ones for us to try.

Last but not least, some freshly baked madeleine to finish off the meal!

From the stellar food, wine and service, Robuchon au Dome offers a grand fine dining experience that's fit for any special occasion, and now I finally understand why a lot of people prefer this Robuchon over the one in Hong Kong. 

*By Invitation

Robuchon au Dome
Grand Lisboa Hotel, Macau
Tel: +853 8803 7878

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