[Hong Kong] Tate x Hisa Franko - Best Female Chefs Collaboration

When Asia’s Best Female Chef Vicky Lau of Tate Dining Room meets World’s Best Female Chef Ana Ros of Hisa Franko in Slovenia! I was looking forward to this collaboration after watching Chef Ana’s inspiring episode on Netflix's Chef's Table. Originally trained as a diplomat, Chef Ana is a self-taught cook who put the restaurant Hisa Franko on the map with her creative approach on showcasing the seasonal produce from the countryside surroundings of the restaurant in the Soca Valley. It was an exciting collaboration meal where the bold and punchy flavors of Chef Ana juxtaposed with the elegant and feminine flavors of Chef Vicky.

We started the meal with small bites from each of the chef:
- Herb Taco East-West by Chef Ana
- Petit Sale of Duck Sausage Parfait and Warm Taro Puff by Chef Vicky

Pork Brain and Preserved Berry Beignet by Chef Ana

Drunken Chicken Chaud-Froid with Fennel Citrus by Chef Vicky

Mortadella Consommé and Scallop by Chef Ana

Charcoal Kinki with Fermented Chinese Black Bean Sauce by Chef Vicky

Roasted Pumpkin with Sea Urchin and Tarragon Beurre Blanc by Chef Ana

Langoustine with Carrot Tofu Sauce by Chef Vicky

Two Times Consommé by Chef Ana & Chef Vicky

Apple and Goat Milk Croissant filled with Rosehip, Roasted Apple Ice Cream and Beeswax English Cream by Chef Ana

Clementine Confit with Verbena Gelato and Yogurt Meringue by Chef Vicky

*By Invitation

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