[Tokyo] 1* Ode オード by Yusuke Namai

Rating: ❤❤❤❤1/4 (4.25/5)

Back in Tokyo and this time, we started with a delightful meal at 1* Ode - a French restaurant by Chef Yusuke Namai which pays tribute to the exquisite ingredients in Japan! Located in Hiroo, the restaurant was unassuming on the outside (we actually walked past it at first) but on the inside, the decor was chic and modern with a big seating counter in the center. Service was fantastic from beginning to end as every dish was explained in detail, and there are English-speaking staff as well. Our lunch started with a signature amuse bouche inspired by the chef’s favorite childhood manga - a Dragon Ball with lobster mousse served with milk and Taiwanese spices on the side. The whimsical snacks continued with a “Cigar” filled with persimmon and Foie Gras, and a Fukinoto (butterbur sprout) with squid and chorizo sauce.


Next up were a series of standout dishes:

First, there’s the Shirako with clam broth, crisp made with tong ho (茼蒿) and tapioca powder, Japanese chili sauce, fermented lemon, yuzu and chili powder. The flavors were almost like a Korean jjigae and the spiciness of the soup paired really well with the shirako.

Then there’s the signature Grey 2020 dish with marinated sardine, tartare and avocado covered by meringue made with the bones and head of the fish. Not only was the dish visually appealing, the flavors were amazing as well.

Oh and the homemade Focaccia was incredible; the dark crust and rich olive oil flavor were simply irresistible - I definitely asked for seconds!

Kani (crab) with crab miso and eggs, marinated carrots and sabayon sauce

Madai Snapper served table side with seaweed sauce and rapeseed flowers

Hokkaido Venison aged for 2 weeks with taro; served with a steamed bun filled with walnuts and peanuts on the side

After the savory courses, we were then served a series of desserts starting with this refreshing Hassaku Orange with ricotta cheese, yellow paprika sauce, olive oil and chrysanthemums.

Followed by a playful dessert made to look like an actual Potato with caramel candy, potato ice cream, apples and fermented apple juice espuma topped with potato powder!

Milk Chocolate Ice Cream Bar topped with biscuit of rye and sansho pepper

Petit Four

2F 5-1-32 Hiroo, Shibuya, Tokyo
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