[Hong Kong] Mosu Hong Kong at M+ Museum

Rating: 4.5/5

Two weeks ago, I was invited to preview the highly anticipated Mosu Hong Kong - the sister outpost of 2* Mosu Seoul! Located on the third floor garden level at M+ Museum, the restaurant chic and modern with panoramic views of Victoria Harbour. The Chef Sung Anh grew up in California and opened the first Mosu in San Francisco in 2015 before moving the restaurant to Seoul in 2017. While the tasting menu at Mosu Hong Kong will feature signatures from Mosu Seoul, it will eventually incorporate more local ingredients that reflect the seasonality. It was truly an impressive meal and I can’t wait for it to officially open in April!

The tasting menu started with a welcome drink and signature snack from Mosu Seoul - a cup made out of Gim (seaweed) with local shrimp, sorrel and mashed potatoes. Different types of seasonal seafood are placed on top of the cup throughout the seasons.

Mushroom Tart with burnt cream and mushroom essence

The Abalone Taco with yuba, shiso, gamtae and charred lime was my absolute favorite of the meal. The taco shell is made with yuba (dried tofu skin) and it was seriously one of the best bites I’ve had this year! 

Another highlight was the Black Sesame Tofu dumpling with sea urchin wrapped inside and accompanied with wasabi and dashi. 

Tile Fish with 3 types of mustard looked like a piece of art with its colorful swirling sauces.

Smoked Mackerel with cabbage and lemon

The Acorn Noodles with black truffle and Korean parsley was another beautiful creation - the simple and yet sublime combination was superb with a rich earthy aroma!

The main dish was the Hanwoo Beef with naengi, deodeok, and served with a sauce comprised of gochujang & Shaoxing wine where the highest grade of Hanwoo of 1++ is used here.

The desserts portion started with an impressive aerated Chinese Almond soup with salted cream, Chinese almond and Korean perilla oil.

Then it was followed by the Lemon Peel Rice Cake with makgeolli rice wine and Taro Tart which is inspired by Chiuchow taro dessert (反芋沙). 

Lastly we had an interesting Dashima Ice Cream to round off the meal! Dashima is dried kelp and its slight savoriness was a lovely contrast in the dessert. 

Accompanying the desserts was tea served in a ceramic cup designed by the chef himself!

Thank you Chef Sung Anh for bringing Mosu to Hong Kong! The meal was technically precise with sophisticated layers of flavors - now I definitely have to go check out the original in Seoul!
Mosu Hong Kong
3/F, M+ Tower, West Kowloon, 38 Museum Dr, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2398 0291


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