[Italy: Gardone Riviera] 1* Lido 84 - Destination Restaurant in Lake Garda

Rating: 5/5

Follow me to Lido 84 - one of my most anticipated meals in Italy! With 1 Michelin Star and ranked #8 on World's 50 Best Restaurants, it’s a true destination restaurant with stunning lakeside views in Gardone Riviera. Founded by brothers Riccardo and Giancarlo Camanini, the restaurant showcases the produce of Lake Garda in creative and innovative ways. With beautiful weather, gorgeous setting, fantastic food and company, Lido 84 is one of the best and most memorable meal I’ve had this year!

While you can choose a la carte, we went with the “Fluctuations” tasting menu which started with a selection of appetizers and bread, followed by the impressive first course - Limpets with Zucchini and Marigold Mayonnaise! Our eyes all lit up with delight over the delicious crunchiness of the mollusks in contrast with the smooth and creamy marigold mayonnaise.

The next course was the Pepperoni filled with Shrimps, Crunchy Polenta and Basil - a rich and flavorful dish.

Followed by the signature Spaghettoni with Butter and Yeast Crumble which was easily another favorite! Its looks were deceptively simple but yet the taste was incredibly satisfying. My first time trying this dish was at an OAD event in 2016 and it had left a lasting impression then - so glad we were reunited with it.

Another signature and highlight was the Risotto with Black Garlic and Red Berries! Dedicated to Stefano Bombardieri (an Italian artist), the risotto looked like an abstract art piece before and after eating it.

Scallop with Turmeric, 84 hours of Pasta in Pumpkin Mustard - accompanying this dish was a card explaining the cooking process of this pasta which takes 84 hours (x2)! The pasta is first steamed at 85° for 12 hours (starch gelatinization) and then placed in the refrigerator for another 12 hours at 3° (starch retrogradation). Alternating both processes for 12 hours over 7 days, the final result is consistently al dente with no difference between the inside and outside. The wheat flavor has all been preserved and made all the more powerful by this process. Amazing technique!

Capù Wrap with Green Curry, Asparagus, Combawa - a delicious dish with unexpected Thai flavors in an Italian restaurant

752°F Eggplant "Alla Parmigiana" 

Veal Sweetbread with Honey, Rum, Whole Grain Mustard

The signature Rigatoni Cacio e Pepe en Vessie was the definite highlight of our meal! Cooked in an inflated pig’s bladder, the rigatoni is steamed rather than boiled and fully mixed with other ingredients - pecorino cheese, salt, black pepper and olive oil. Served tableside by cutting open the bladder with a knife, we first got the smell of pecorino wafting through the air before taking a bite of the strongly flavored pasta. The texture is a little harder than al dente which may or may not be to everyone’s taste.

Rabbit Kidneys with Guinea Fawi Liver Juice, Dates, Smocked Whiskey

Sweet Ending with the highlight being the fluffy light Torta di Rose with Vov Zabaione and Garda Lemons! Also loved the Crunchy Dark Chocolate crisp that were smoked tableside.

After our meal, Riccardo took us to tour the indoor dining rooms - both of which were beautifully decorated with different color schemes. Since we had come in the summer with gorgeous weather, only the outdoor dining area was in use when we were there.

Thank you to Riccardo and Giancarlo for the wonderful experience and hospitality at Lido 84! Can’t wait to be back!
Lido 84
Corso Giuseppe Zanardelli, 196, 25083 Gardone Riviera BS, Italy
Tel: +39 0365 20019

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