[UK: London] 2* Ikoyi - Impressive Spice Based Cuisine

Rating: 4.5/5

The restaurant I was most excited to try in London this time was 2* Ikoyi by Jeremy Chan and Iré Hassan-Odukale! Inspired by West African spices and ingredients, the food served is not exactly authentic West African but something rather unique and can’t really be pigeon-holed into a category. The spice-based cuisine is built around seasonal British produce from organic vegetables to sustainable line-caught fish and aged native beef. The flavors are bold and exciting but the spices are well-balanced and never overwhelm your palate (which can be a challenge serving spicy dishes). Awarded "One To Watch" in 2021 by World's 50 Best, it’s definitely one of the best restaurants in London and a must-try!

The first time I tried Ikoyi’s food was at an OAD event in San Sebastián a few years ago where we got to try its signature dish - a strikingly colored Plantain covered with blackberry salt and served with a smoked kelp emulsion on the side. So glad to be reunited with it!

Right off the bat, we knew we were in for a good meal after the first few dishes into the tasting menu:

Asparagus, Benne & Lovage

- lkejime Trout & Gola Peppercorn
- Aged Sirloin Tartare, Salted Citrus & Fresh Lobster Salad

Octopus Fried in Wild Rice & Yeasted Béarnaise

My absolute favorite dish was this Fonio Brioche with Buffalo Sauce and N25 Caviar. We were told to spread the caviar like butter on the brioche - what a delicious combination of sweet, savory and spicy flavors!

Moin Moin & Pine Nut Egusi

Grilled Maitake Mushroom, Sour Carrot & Broccoli Emulsion

Aged Turbot, Celeriac Miso Cream & Caramelised Chicken Wing Emulsion

Sorghum Crêpe, Morel Mushroom & Cheese Fondue

Angus Rib, Razor Clam, Saffron Emulsion & Spring Onion Sauce

The signature Smoked Jollof Rice which - sadly- we were not able to fully enjoy due to the rather large portions of food in the tasting menu.

The desserts were rather weak in comparison to the savory portion of the meal.

Groundnut Blend, Date & Rhubarb 

Black Sesame Ball

1 St James's Market, St. James's, London SW1Y 4AH, United Kingdom

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