[France: Menton] 3* Mirazur by Mauro Colagreco

Rating: 5/5

In 2019, Mirazur was awarded 3 Michelin Stars and voted the Best Restaurant in the World by World's 50 Best RestaurantsIt has the perfect trifecta of exceptional cuisine, outstanding hospitality, and beautiful location on the French Riviera overlooking the deep blue sea. Inspired by nature, the cuisine at Mirazur follows the biodynamic calendar and offers 4 variations of the tasting menu depending on the day of your visit - Roots, Leaves, Flowers or Fruits. We happened to visit on a day of flowers and our “Mirazur Flowers Universe” menu started with floral amuse bouches served picnic-style in a garden area.

Our amuse bouches:
- Meadowsweet with porcini mushrooms & parmigiano cream
- Caper’s Petals with Otoro (red tuna)
- Amaranth with lobster
- Pickled Rose Petals with smoked eel
- Chamomile with Granny Smith apple

After our picnic of amuse bouches, we headed back upstairs to the main dining room to enjoy the rest of our “Mirazur Flowers Universe” tasting menu. I was initially worried that having flowers throughout the entire meal may be too much, but every single dish was exquisite and very well-balanced. With gorgeous panoramic views of Menton and the Mediterranean Sea, the ambiance here was unparalleled and it was surely one of the most special dining experience we’ve had to date!

Bread with olive oil
Garden Flowers with tourteau crab and orange meringue dome

Cosmos Flowers with veal tartare and raspberry vinaigrette

Borage Flowers with razor clam and chawanmushi cooked in water infused with kombu seaweed

Zucchini Flowers stuffed with guinea fowl and served with guinea fowl broth

Saffron with yellow beetroot in 2 textures (cooked and raw) and mussels

More bread with lavender butter

Meadowsweet Flowers with seafood stew from the Mediterranean sea

Madagascar Vanilla with blue lobster and celeriac grilled on binchotan

Fig with roasted pigeon and its leg

Osmanthus Granita with peach from our gardens

Fennel Pollen with honey from our hives

Petit Fours: elderflower & yogurt ice cream, sage flower, aspic made of prunes, rose and hibiscus & raspberry tart

Be sure to request a garden tour with your reservation - depending on availability, it may be before or after your meal.

30 Av. Aristide Briand, 06500 Menton, France
Tel: +33 4 92 41 86 86