[Thailand: Bangkok] Asia's Best Female Chef at 1* Potong

Rating: 4.5/5

Follow me to Restaurant Potong in Bangkok - a Thai-Chinese restaurant set in a historical Sino-Portuguese building that used to be the chef's family Chinese pharmacy (普通大藥房)! For 4 generations spanning over 100 years, Chef Pam’s family lived in the 5-story-tall building which had since been redesigned for the restaurant while preserving its legacy.

The 1st floor used to be a storefront for the POTONG dispensary and is now the SINO Bar where we had our welcome drink.

The 2nd floor was used for medicine preparation and is now the main dining room.

The 3rd floor was kept as it and is another dining room in the restaurant.

The 4th floor was utilized for smoking of opium when it was legal back in the days and is now the OPIUM BAR.

The 5th floor was used for stargazing and is now an extension of the OPIUM BAR with a rooftop terrace where we had our first bite of the meal.

It was a brilliant meal at Potong - the progressive Thai-Chinese cuisine was well-executed and one of the highlights was definitely the palm tree series where 5 little bites each represented a different part from palm juice to palm seed, palm meat, palm apple and palm sugar. The signature main dish with the roast crispy duck which had been aged for 14 days was simply perfection. Desserts wise, the chrysanthemum with cacao nibs was easily the favorite!
Our tasting menu:

Kombucha of the day
Potong’s charcuteries & collaboration wine
Kitchen bite / potato’s shell / taiwanese chicken mousse / thai basil

DEAR | phang district orange / wild chrysanthemum honey / salted plum leaf

BORN | palm-meat bun / cashew nut pate
IN LOVE | marinated palm seed / shaoxing wine / cilantro oil
DETAILS | palm “jao” / 5-spices / chewguk
MEMORIES | toddy palm sugar lollipop
GRATEFUL | ‘baan raj” palm juice / burnt bamboo

ALIVE | “surat thani” oyster / black squid / black pearl

REINCARNATED | grated shrimp yolk / yin-yang egg noodle / morel / caviar

BEAUTIFUL | blue crab / mud crab roe emulsion / black pepper jam / crab butter bread / crab broth

SACRED | chinese date / carrot tuile

PROUD | pomfret fish rillette

HUMBLE | skeleton / dehydrated herbs / lapsang souchong
FAVORITE | dry aged surat thani white pomfret / kapi / tamarind

COMMUNITY | 14 day 5-spiced aged duck
BOLD | roasted duck brain / duck heart
THAI-CHINESE | sichuan pepper duck / egg custard / scallion

LAYERS OF FLAVORS | inside-out pomelo

HISTORY | chrysanthemum / cacao nibs

LEGACY | the remake of thai-chinese street desserts

THANK YOU | fortune

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