[South Korea: Seoul] 1* Eatanic Garden

Rating: 4/5

True to its name, Eatanic Garden is a beautiful restaurant resembling an urban garden located on the 36th floor of Josun Palace Hotel. With a choice of table and counter seats, we sat in the couple’s sofa booth with panoramic views of the city. In the place of a menu, we were given illustrated cards written by the staff with the arrival of each dish - related to their childhood memories of the ingredient. Helmed by Chef Son, the innovative Korean dishes here were some of the most aesthetically pleasing I’ve seen in recent times. The food looked than it tasted though so I look forward to more complexity in his dishes in the future.

Our menu:

Bamboo Shoots


Fatsia Shoots

Soy Bean

Spring Greens


Hanwoo beef with layers of abalone




Mother of Pearl Box

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