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Jordan is like a forgotten cousin nestled between the popular shopping mecca of Tsim Sha Tsui and the historic bazaar of Yau Ma Tei, but I have come to discover several interesting and unique dining options in this area!


This retro local street stall is famous for a local street food called "doggy noodle". I've never heard of doggy noodle before, but apparently it was a popular and cheap snack made from scraps of noodles in the 60~70's among the public housing estates. Intrigued by the funny name, I decided to try it.

The shop was small with only a few small tables on the side of the street for dining in. Besides doggy noodle, they also serve imitation shark fin soup made with roast duck as well as other snacks like fish balls and siu mai. I was actually more interested in the imitation shark fin soup as that is one of my favorite childhood snack but I haven't been able to find a good one since I've been back. 

Doggy Noodle ($19) - the doggy noodles were shorter than your usual noodles with the length of an index finger probably. It looked like udon at first but it was a lot softer with no apparent flavor though. The broth was just alright and a bit murky. Besides the noodles, there were some pickled daikon radish, mushrooms, dried shrimps and green onions. I thought the noodles were quite bland by itself until I discovered the spicy pickled daikon radish on the table. I love spicy food so I didn't hesitate to add them into the noodles. What a difference it made! After adding the spicy radish (which was really spicy by the way), the noodles were now quite enjoyable to eat! 

Roast Duck Imitation Shark Fin Soup ($19) - the imitation shark fin soup was really good with a strong flavor of roast duck! The texture was just right as it wasn't too thick which can be an issue with many street stalls nowadays to save on costs. While it was good, it didn't taste like the imitation shark fin soup I had back in the days however. I guess I will still have to continue my search for the perfect bowl of imitation shark fin soup.
I think this is a great shop to visit for a taste of unique local Hong Kong street food! Next time, I want to try their whole duck leg doused with the imitation shark fin soup but it's only available after 5pm apparently. 

G/F, 27A Ning Po Street, Jordan

Yau Yuen Siu Tsui - 有緣小敍

Yau Yuen Siu Tsui is a restaurant that serves Xi'an cuisine. Ever since Anthony Bourdain introduced Xi'an Famous Food in NY, I've been hooked on Xi'an cuisine and it's been hard to a place in HK that does Xi'an food. The shop was tiny with only one big table and several counter seats. Luckily, there were a few open seats at the time so I didn't have to wait.

The signature dish here is the biang biang noodle which you can pair with dumplings, ribs, wings, etc. The Chinese character for "biang" is so complicated, we started to doubt if it was a real word or not! 
I chose the biang biang noodle with lamb dumplings ($38). The biang biang noodle was one long and thick strip of noodle! Once mixed with the spicy sauce, it was very appetizing to eat, though I also found the sauce to be a bit salty. The lamb dumplings were very juicy and delicious to eat!

Of course, we had to order the liang pi ($23) but it paled in comparison to the one I had at the Xi'an Famous Foods. The sauce was watery while the liang pi was not as smooth or chewy.
The Xi'an burger ($20) was also disappointing as the meat and the buns were way too dry. I still miss the spicy cumin lamb burger in New York. 
Overall, I thought the biang biang noodle was the most interesting aspect at this restaurant. The other items were just average to be honest. Unfortunately I don't think there's a lot of restaurants that does Xi'an cuisine in HK, so this may be the best one around.

Shop 3, G/F, Keybond Commercial Building, 38 Ferry Street, Jordan

5300 2682 

Tim Kee French Sandwiches - 添記法式三文治  

It can be hard to find good Vietnamese food like pho and banh mi in HK that can compare to what one could find in the US. Located in Ferry Point, Tim Kee is an old shop that is famous for its Vietnamese sandwiches. Ferry Point is an interesting and old neighborhood in Jordan that used to be sea front and adjacent to the Jordan Road Ferry before it was demolished in the 90's due to reclamation in West Kowloon. 

I only saw a menu that listed the prices for a small sandwich for $31 and a large one for $60. It seemed that there aren't any flavors to choose from except for one standard flavor. I ordered a small one to share with J and we were asked if we wanted spicy. We did so the guy added some jalapeno peppers in the sandwich.  
I requested for the sandwich to be split in half and it was handed to us in a small little paper bag which was perfect for eating the sandwich on the go. The fillings were standard with carrots, ham, pork, cucumber, and peppers. While the bun was pretty crispy, the fillings were a bit too chopped up for my liking. I thought the sandwich was decent but would be great if they had more flavors to choose from like bbq pork for example. 

Shop A, G/F, Man Yiu Building, 30 Man Yuen Street, Jordan 
2385 7939

So next time you are in Jordan, give these restaurants a try if you are looking for something different!

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