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I love mangoes and I've never heard of Irwin mango until MangoChaCha came along! MangoChaCha is a Taiwanese dessert cafe specializing in mango snowflakes and shaved ice desserts with branches in Japan, Malaysia, Korea and now Hong Kong. They only use Irwin mango, which is sometimes called the Apple mango due to its dark reddish skin. This type of mango is prized for its smooth texture as it is virtually fiberless while the flesh is juicy and aromatic. Apparently, the Irwin mango they use are grown in a Taiwan orchard that exports top-grade varieties to Japan and Korea as well. 

MangoChaCha's first shop in HK is located in Tsim Sha Tsui and was easy to spot due to its catchy orange sign. The decor inside is themed in white and orange colors with minimalistic and modern furniture. Thank to the cafe, I was invited along with a few others to try some of their dessert offerings!

Mango Juice - as soon as we sat, we each got a glass of mango juice to quench our thirst which I was thankful for due to the warm weather outside. Immediately, I can tell that the mango juice was unlike any other I've had before. It was richly flavorful without being too sweet or watery. I was excited to try the desserts next. 

The mango snowflake ice and shaved ice desserts basically came in combinations where you can have one type of ice or both and with or without ice cream.

Mango Snowflake Ice Deluxe ($108) - the first dessert we tried was the mango snowflake ice in deluxe version which was huge and perfect for sharing among 3-4 people! Topped with mango ice cream and surrounded by actual mango bits, the snowflake ice was pillowy soft and heavenly to eat. I've had snowflake ice before but none this soft and flavorful so I asked them how it was made. I was told that it was made with 70% mango juice and 30% milk, which explains the strong and fragrant flavors of mango even in ice. [5/5]

The cafe also provided sea salt for patrons to sprinkle on their dessert as desired. It really made a difference and enhanced the flavors tremendously!

Mango Snowflake Ice & Shaved Ice Combo w/ Ice Cream ($68) - the next dessert we tried was a combination of everything including the brown sugar shaved ice this time in the standard size. The brown sugar shaved ice was lightly sweetened and provided a different texture to the overall dessert that was delightful to eat. [5/5]

Mango Waffle ($68) - besides snowflake and shaved ice desserts, the cafe also offered a few Hong Kong limited dishes such as the mango waffle. Waffles are immensely popular right now in HK so understandably they want to get on this trend as well. This dessert was basically mango ice cream sandwiched between two pieces of waffle with brown sugar syrup on the side. The waffle was actually pretty good with a crispy exterior and a chewy interior while the brown sugar syrup didn't do much for the dessert though. Perhaps adding something stronger like passion fruit sauce would have been better. [4/5]

Mango Roll Cake ($38) - the other HK limited dish we tried was the mango roll cake which was slightly disappointing. The cake itself lacked structure while the cream was just average compared to Japanese roll cakes. [3/5]

Mango Souffle ($58) - the last dessert was the mango souffle, romantically nicknamed "Love is Air". Souffle is a tricky dessert to make and unfortunately the souffle here was a bit dry and tough to eat. I couldn't even dig my spoon in on the first try. Not sure if the egg mixture was just over beaten or the oven was too hot in temperature. [3/5]

Overall, I think the snowflake ice and shaved ice desserts are superb at MangoChaCha especially with the use of the luscious Irwin mango. There is one dessert I wanted to try but didn't get to - the Mango Glutinous Dumpling which is only available in the autumn/winter time! Six hour slow cooked mango jam wrapped in sweet yam dumpling skin in a light osmanthus soup. Sounds delectably yummy!


Shop 5, G/F, Union Mansion, 33-35 Chatham Road South, Tsim Sha Tsui
2723 2777

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