Teakha 茶。家 | Hong Kong

Rating: ❤❤❤❤

Teakha is a tea cafe that embodies the promotion of a happy and sustainable lifestyle through sourcing primarily organic or handmade products. Located near Po Hing Fong (or PoHo), the cafe is nestled in a quiet alley and surrounded by unique boutique stores and art galleries. The front of the cafe looked small at first with limited space but more seating were actually available in the adjacent room. Outdoor seating was also a choice with a few chairs and tables placed right outside the shop. After I placed my order for some baked goods and tea, I was given a buzzer so I can come back to collect the food when it was ready.
As I walked around the corner to grab a seat in the adjacent room, I discovered a short flight of stairs leading down to the communal dining area. I was struck by the charming and quaint decor with the teal-colored walls, mason jar hanging lamps, and birch wood furniture.
To my delightful surprise, more space was available upstairs with sofa, benches, and coffee tables. It was a lovely space that seemed perfect for catching up with a group of friends in a relaxed and homely environment.
Everything was self-served in this area with utensils, cups, and water jars placed on every table. I just love these bright yellow flowers which looked gorgeous against the teal walls!
Green Tea Cheesecake ($42) - Teakha is well known for their green tea cheesecake and I can see why! The cheesecake was creamy and smooth with rich and fragrant matcha flavors. The portion was decent as well (unlike the ones at Sinmei Tea) so you can easily share this with another person - if you want to that is. [5/5]
Strawberry and Basil Scone ($22) - initially I was only going to get the cheesecake but I got tempted by this cute strawberry scone placed near the cash register. The scone was heated up before it was served to me and it was absolutely delectable! Soft and chewy, it avoided the usual pitfalls of scones that can be rather dry, dense or overly crumbly. The combination of strawberry and basil was delightful and I especially love the soothing aroma of the basil. I found the flavors concentrated in the center of the scone though so it would have been better if the flavors were more evenly spaced out. [4.5/5]

Keemun Rose Tea ($50) - I had to wait about 20 minutes for my tea to be brewed and unfortunately it was not worth the wait. It looked attractive at first with pink rose petals floating on top of frothed milk and drizzled with honey from a local bee farm. The milk and the honey were actually quite tasty but it was the Keemun tea that threw off the balance of the drink with its bitter and herbal flavors. It just tasted like Chinese herbal tea and even after mixing the milk and honey into the tea didn't help. Not my cup of tea. [2.5/5]

Verdict - I was pretty impressed with the baked goods and desserts here while the ambiance is great for chilling with friends or even yourself if there are not a lot of people. I love cafes like Teakha which have its own individuality and I think Hong Kong could use more shops like this. 

Shop B, 18 Tai Ping Shan Road, Sheung Wan 
2858 9185

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